iPhone’s Safari browser learns a new trick

iPhone’s Safari browser learns a new trick
With the release of the latest beta firmware, iPhone users receive an improved online experience. Safari browser now allows you to save pictures directly from the website you visit (pretty much like you save them on a computer). The feature is quite easy to use. All you have to do is hold your finger on the picture that you want to save and wait for the pop-up dialog. The dialog contains 3 options : Save Photo, Go to URL and Cancel. Pictures are saved into the Photo album.

source: Gizmodo



1. jhon unregistered

does anyone know if this update is lunching befor the sdk, or is it just goin to be part of the sdk update?

2. George unregistered

The iPhone just keeps getting better and better...

3. dudee unregistered

ummmmm am i the only one to notice that it's not running on at&t ... its on tmobile o____O;;

4. unregistered

Is that t-mobile service a legit one?

5. what unregistered

i hope that there coming with a t mobile on eeven though i have verizon but thats weird it must be unlocked

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