iPhone to get third-party applications

iPhone to get third-party applications
SDK for iPhone will be offered to the developers by Apple in February 2008. The company stated that the permission of third party application writing is the best solution for all the sides evolved, highlighting mainly on the future open-to-all creation of antivirus software. The upcoming Software Development Kit will allow making applications for both Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

source: Apple



1. [ORD]Ken unregistered

Let me be the first to request an application... Marble madness!!! Making use of the gravitometerocilator would be awesomely delicious for a game like that.... That's all. Bye.

2. unregistered

it's about time, this will open up the iphone to so many new uses...i am very excited about it

3. Ginson unregistered

thatz gr8 news for the many companies to go for the wide range of applns...

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