iPhone style browsing for Windows Mobile

iPhone style browsing for Windows Mobile
Windows Mobile users can finally get rid of the stylus while browsing the web. The new TouchBrowser is developed by Makayama and allows finger friendly browsing. It has big on-screen keyboard for easier and faster typing. Navigation is pretty much like the one on the iPhone, allowing you to move the page around and scroll just by using your finger. It also has the “inertia effect” for faster and easier navigation. The application is priced at $15.

source: Makayama via EngadgetMobile



1. Nick unregistered

How do you get this?

2. unregistered

get it quick, because I'll bet Apple has a patent on this and gets it taken down.

3. unregistered

i dont that seriously. its not a browser. its a plugin that utilizes PIE to allow users to pan around on a page without a stylist. its not a real browser

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