iPhone hacked to capture video

iPhone hacked to capture video
Oddly enough, iPhone never really had a video capture option implemented, but hackers have made this feature possible. Now the device can only take up to 5 seconds of footage at 15 FPS, but the developers say that this they can get the device at 45 FPS and prolong the capture time.

There are some bugs that need to be fixed on the new software, for example, the videos seems to progress faster than the real time capture.

via: EngadgetMobile



1. unregistered

nice one hackers ...we need more!

2. who pooted? unregistered

i have an unlocked phone from overseas and i was just wondering if there was some way to override any of the settings to change or customize the system

3. unregistered

ha, does apple have any kind of real security on their device? While this is funny, and kinda cool, it also demonstrates why this phone was rejected by VZW. Wheres the security protocols?!

4. unregistered

This is not why the phone was rejected in fact... If you can remember VZW later wished they "hadn't" rejected the phone. Get the facts straight...

5. unregistered

Yea I to cap that off I see that VZW's Voyager is not meeting expectations... I saw a clip from CNN and the MSNBC last week...

6. DeeMan unregistered

Not to tout VZW's horn but they rejected the iPhone because of this very issue here .... SECURITY!!! Not to mention the fact that it doesn't do MMS messaging. Now what moron is going to pay over 500 bucks for a camera phone that doesn't send pics? No keyboard and corporate email support either?? And, oh, the many "bugs" with the model that made them have to recall a lot of em. And I have yet to hear anybody "complain" about the Voyager. As a matter of fact, for the person that mentioned the CNN clip, MSNBC and CNet.com actually touted the phone as one of the top five gadgets to get this holiday season. CNet even had a "round five" head-to-head comparison between the iPhone and the Voyager and the Voyager won. It was an Editors AND User's "Top Five" gadget. But if you like the iPhone, so be it. I don't want something that's "hackable". But for real folks... five measley seconds of video?? You gotta be kiddin' me. Even when hacked it still sucks.

7. anonymous unregistered

no verizon wireless lost the iphone and is now sorry, and the "hacking" i doesnt matter what phone it is, if ppl want to do they will always find a way to hack it, i guess this just mean that more ppl wantd the iphone then the lame voyager, cuz i dont see anyone trying to hack that peac of junk.....

21. unregistered

have you even used the voyager? you can't say its a peace of crap until you use it. I have one, beautiful peace of work... I admit some more flexibility would be nice, as far as music players... but i can watch tv, surf the net, download music, download video, and yes watch youtube about 5 times faster than the iPhone... its EVDO - and you can't diss it without trying it ps... you can't say vzw LOST anything when you have no clue... it was offered to vzw and they rejected it due to their inability to reach a mutual agreement (apple was demanding excessive control that would basically dip into VZW profits, for services apple didn't even provide (it is bad business to take money unfairly) - they are the largest network in the US based on profit and are actually a subsidiary of an international company, vodafone, which also owns altell wireless [two CDMA & EVDO networks in one = amazing (and fast) service]). you cant walk around saying false information, it makes you look dumb

22. unregistered

doubtful - VZW has its own network and so does altell - they share considering they are both owned by vodafone so actually at&t may equal vzw's but that doesnt count for altells network making vzw's coverage and speed at least 50% better

8. tluv00 unregistered

I think Apple is using hackers as free R&D and piggybacking on their findings so as to save $ on the research side and then rape their customers when they finally finish the product. Why do you think Apple has so many copyright lawsuits swinging their way? They use others technology, tweak it just a bit and try to claim it as their own.....then they jack up prices because they know you lemmings will buy into it. That is why the security is so low. Macs are touted as the most secure computers on the market.....why is the iPhone so different?

9. unregistered

why would you need to hack the voyager? It already does everything better than the Iphone. It already sends video and does all the crap they hacking the iphone to make it do. The iphone is a piece of junk. VZW denied apple the Iphone, and I hate to tell you, we laughed our asses off at all the trouble it has had. It did very little to hurt our business. Infact, it helped raise awareness for pda's, and helped us in many regards. It took away from the weaker companies like sprint and tmobile. Very few VZW customers left to go get the iphone. Good try though.

10. unregistered

So I see we still have VZW employees and not actual customers... Nice try VZW employee... The Voyager is not flying off the shelf like the iphone I can tell you... It will never seel like the iphone especially now knowing that early next year the iphone is coming out with it's 2nd generation with 3G...

11. unregistered

hmm... I wonder if Verizon Wireless will ever become the number 1 carrier again? I know that they are not that is why I am asking...

12. unregistered

I read that by the end of next year(08) AT&T will have almost double the 3G coverage accross the nation verses VZW. Right now it is tied.

13. unregistered

Guys! quit arguing. The Voyager will be nothing but a wet dream like any other device by tomorrow. Lets look at the Network. AT&T is 2nd to none! Verizon is damb good, BUT AT&T caps it all for you folks! Sorry... I have been with all carriers all over! I can speak with exp!

14. anonymous unregistered

does anyone know around when att is goin to be coming out with 2nd generation 3G iphone?

15. unregistered

1st or 2nd quarter I heard...

16. tluv00 unregistered

You have obviously never used AT&T in the RTP area. It sucks, plain and simple. Never improved when they took over Cingular and it was abysmal then too. I also read that by the end of this year AT&T was supposed to have double the 3G network by taking over Cingular. Did that work? NOPE. Keep believing what you read lemmings.......

17. DeeMan unregistered

Wow, look at all the AT&T fanboys out there. So pitiful ... and clueless. AT & T actually has way LESS 3G coverage than Verizon and the biggest phone in their history ( the iPhone ) isn't even 3G capable. Sure they may improve on that in 2008, but that's too bad for all the idiots who bought the originals. And as far as the network...Hmmm. Let's see. Cingular takes over AT&T, craps on their customers when they abandoned TDMA technology, got into a 20 Million dollar lawsuit, and got taken BACK over by AT&T. So much for stability. But to make matters worse is that they were forced to dropped the "fewest dropped calls" claim because it wasn't true ( ever wonder why they say that in the commercials anymore? ). And what the hell makes you think Verizon won't improve the most reliable network in the nation ( a claim the FCC didn't make them abandon )? Their already working on the faster LTE technology while AT&T is crawling behind with 3G. Again, the iPhone was rejected for a reason. In just about every comparison to the Voyager ( CNet, CNN, USA Today, and more ), the Voyager is killin' them. The Voyager is not flyin' off the shelves? Did you know the Voyager sold out in the highly populated Northeast region in a matters of days and Verizon STILL don't have the phones to keep up the demand that's STILL going? Get your facts straight. All I hear from the iPhone cronies is the "new" phone coming out NEXT year...you know... the one you all should have had THIS year. But again, you can keep your slow EDGE network, non corporate email, texting only, non-insurable, no Navigator, flawed, 2G, overpriced crapPhone.

18. tluv00 unregistered

I will admit that the iPhone definitely has the better viewing experience when it comes to comparisons between it and the Voyager.....especially when viewing websites. But honestly thats about it. The call quality of the iPhone completely blows (it's supposed to be a phone right?). No MMS is the biggest letdown as well as the $500 NON 3G capable phone you idiots went and bought that was reduced weeks later....HAHAHAHAHA....I really laughed at that. Who actually buys first gen. technology nowadays anyways? Have we learned nothing? The touch capabilities of the iPhone as far as the pinching and zooming and blah blah blah is nice.....I actually like the feedback from the Voyager but there are some things that need fixing (I have not purchased as I am waiting for bugs to be worked out). I again say enjoy the $500 future paperweight you are using now lemmings because once the 3G model drops I am sure you will all go back to the Apple store and wait in line AGAIN to purchase a device that most likely be overpriced AGAIN and have 99% of the same complaints it has now.

19. tluv00 unregistered

Taken from Engadgetmobile which took it from BoyGenius Reoprt "LG's latest and greatest firmware for the Voyager superphone appears to bring a host of fixes and enhancements ranging from better battery life (or so they say, anyway) to an improved browsing experience. Let us know how it goes if you go get 'er flashed, k?"

20. hehehe unregistered

I have both the voyager and iphone...iphone def has its flaws non 3G no picture texting blah blah blah which is a big upset to everyone including myself, very lame in fact, but in all seriousness the iphone is a much better phone (after being hacked)... Face it the voyager is Nice but very very boring still, i get more ppl wanting to see my iphone then my voyager i also have strapped next to it... the iphone is a conversation starter even with its flaws, its just a cool looking phone, and for ppl saying it not having a keyboard....then you are stupid and niave and dont know what ur talking about, the iphone has a touch screen keypad, yes maybe a little slower at typing things but when u get used to it its a breeze....Last night i was at the bar i had both phones out... ppl preferred the iphone over the voyager... alot of ppl called it the more expensive envy lol which is true. I love both phones, they do differ in terms of SERVICE which is the big issue obviously when buying a phone to begin with, but with being able to do more fun things to and on, the iphone wins hands down.

23. Autumn unregistered

can a hacked iphone work with vzw??

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