iPhone gets a golden image

iPhone gets a golden image
Here is an idea where to spend the extra 20 grand you’ve been wandering what to do with…
Are you in love with your iPhone? Well, if you are and you can afford it, the Case-Mate’s case for iPhone, incrusted with 42 diamonds and 18 carat gold, priced at $20 000 will definitely let everybody know, how do you feel. There’s also a carbon-fiber limited edition priced at $90.

via: MobileWhack



1. unregistered

this is so ugly...I can't believe they'd charge 20000 for it...it's absolutely hidious and so is the iphone

2. Daniel unregistered

i agree this is pretty ugly and it cost 20 grand which is a lot but the iphone is the idea that made the next generation(touchscreen phones).Its apps beat everyones.

3. unregistered

That is bullshit, that is ugly to begin with, what a waste of time

4. Gib unregistered

That is the last thing in the world i would buy. You could probably buy roughly 50 iphones and just swap them out rather then have that stupid looking case.

5. unregistered

Having in mind that the image shows CINGULAR logo, this picture is just 3D rendering ... Case mate has done that just for advertising itself probably.

6. unregistered

hopefully someone will buy it i know the person that won it at CES.

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