iPhone comes June 29

iPhone comes June 29
Apple webpage now reveals TV ads about the phone, clearly saying that it is coming June 29, or after 25 days. As it was known, iPhone will be “Only on the new AT&T” and minimum new 2-year activation plan is required, in addition to the $499/$599 respectively for the 4/8 GB version.

You can watch the video ads in high quality at Apple’s webpage.



1. nokia man unregistered

think about it the iphone does not have any good features just because it is the first fone made by apple an because the ipod was so succesful this is going to sell, to be honest it is a waste of money. only 2MP CAMERA!! that is soo 2004 now its 2007 and theres 5 MP 7 MP AND 8MP PHONES AROUND!!!

2. Verizon Retailer unregistered

If you think about it, you have just named exactly why it will sell. Apple holds an exclusive and very dedicated group of customers who will buy (and love) anything that apple produces. Iphone included. You play down the fact that it is a phone designed on one of the most stable linux kernels, has a dual sensitivity touch screen , 4 or 8 gigs of space built in (unheard of in the states) A respectable 2mp camera,(shit the new blackberry with Verizon, the 8800 has no camera, on Verizon’s behest) Exceptional media playback, web access, plus mac style and sensibility. Its not going to tear me away from Verizon’s, in fact I wish apple had not gone exclusive with AT&T, its going to hamper phone sales a little. Welcome to the Arena Apple! Now lets see what Microsoft can do with the rumored "crossfire"

3. att rep unregistered

just a little fyi apple has no plans to ever make the iphone cdma the iphone has a world wide market making a cdma version would limit it to the us LONG LIVE GSM WH00T WH00T

4. Verizon Retailer unregistered

I Understand in the short term that GSM is slated as the Worldwide standard. Though if you look at the phones of tomorrow you will notice that WCDMA is/will be the wave of the future. I could give a shit less about what provider i am with, so long as i have decent service. Hence i am not with Sprint, T-mobile, or Cingular/At&t. Verizon works splendidly where i need it too in my home town of portland, Or. In my personal opinion At&t should start a new campaign in the west market. Here are a few ideas: At&t: the fewest dropped calls and the fewest connected. At&t: Raising the bar and dropping the ball.

5. Pooh Bake unregistered

Sucks has no good features and i hope u dont drop it, after that its ruined for good.

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