iPhone Games Test vol.1

Games we do NOT recommend:

There are games that no matter how you look at them and how generous you are, just don’t seem to offer any entertainment, but cost money… We decided to give an opinion on those we came across, because there are people who can’t really buy apps by the dozen. Here are a few games with which we had only one good moment and that was when we deleted them.

Metal Angel:

It costs $3.99 and the screenshot looks rather intriguing, but the moment you start it, you will be sorry. We expected an interesting and comfortable arcade, but we were strongly disappointed, because it is overflowing with bugs, including the stupid fact that no matter where your ship is, if you click somewhere else, it will appear there. Metal Angel reminds us of some Alpha version of an unfinished game and it definitely doesn’t deserve four bucks.


It appears that there are some games that have not been created for the purpose of entertaining the user, but rather torture him. One of these is Tunnels. This is supposed to be a “fun and addictive” application in which you drive a spaceship through narrow tunnels and the score is calculated by the times you survived without crashing. The problem is that this is extremely hard and after 10 minutes of attempts to beat our own record of 32 seconds in the tunnels, we just got sick of it. The game has horrible design, as if it was made using Game Maker Studio. Words like “gameplay” do not exist in the world of Tunnels, because each game session continues for an average of 20 seconds if you are a normal person and 50 seconds if you are from Korea. The sad thing is that we played Easy and higher difficulties are absolutely pointless. This “game” is not worth $1.99. Even if it was free, we’d still not recommend it to anyone, unless you find restarting a game every 15 seconds entertaining.



1. hargs48 unregistered

Wow that South Park Imagination Land game seems awesome...wish I had a iPhone now...

2. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

I loved the episode.... :) From the screen shots the game looks really interesting.

3. unregistered

But it's just not quite Ngage is it.....

4. unregistered

No it's not, it hasn't tanked.....

6. unregistered

i though Ngage was a failer~

11. unregistered

... yet

5. unregistered

best UI in the business right now without a doubt

7. Simdes unregistered

Galcon is a wonderful game! However, it is very annoying that iPhone doesn't have any decent strategy games, they would be perfect to play on such a big screen. Even if they are turn based, they'd still be cool.

8. unregistered

I like the Poker game. It's pretty detailed and a lot more than I was expecting for my five bucks.

9. unregistered

We're not nescecarily iPhone haters BTW, i've played with them, and while it is possibly the nicest phone interface i've ever used, i still wouldn't give ya $200 for a interface. My biggest prob with apple products is that there SEVERLY overrated. I dont wanna start a flame war, just my $0.02. That and it's on AT&T's network, i guess they didnt have a choice though, we turned it down in the beginning anyway. :D

10. unregistered

wheres super monkey ball? that game is awesome

12. unregistered

Pretty cool, honestly. However, the fact still remains, with all the multimedia capabilities and now gaming, the phone aspect is suspect at best. If you want all these cool features your are probably better off getting an iPod Touch.

13. unregistered

That's true.

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