iPhone Games Test vol.1

Up to $10:


Enigmo is a unique and addictive game in which you will have to solve series of puzzles by directing drops of liquid into a certain container. Sounds simple, but is actually quite twisted and random at times. It slightly resembles The Incredible Machine, but here you won’t have the luxury to waste time thinking, because there is bonus score if you solve your puzzles fast. Later on, you will have to solve puzzles with more than one type of drops (green drops, fiery drops) and you will have to simultaneously direct them into their respective containers.

Mildly put, the game is beautiful. Its 3D engine and perfect controls send it to the top of our favorite iPhone games. The sound is not very impressive, but if you play the game with it turned on at all times, you will frequently visit the toilet, thanks to the constant water drop noises. $9.99 is a good price for this game, it’s really worth it!

De Blob:

Even professionals like THQ are involved with iPhone games. Their offer on the App Store is called De Blob and it can be played with either the accelerometer or the touch screen. You take control of a weird ball-bunny, whose goal is to paint everything in its way with random pastel colors. The story is about the character’s war against an evil corporation that has turned all the buildings grey. Despite the deep symbolism, the game is rather simple. Accelerating your ball-bunny in random directions, you will have to paint in raving colors all the buildings using your body and evading the “paint patrols”. You will jump from one level to another and you must accomplish every mission for a certain amount of time.

As for the music and design, De Blob is extremely pretty; after all, we are talking about one of the most powerful computer game studios and we would never think that THQ would fail to make a good iPhone game. There are a lot of options to choose from and everything seems to be perfectly optimized with glitches or lag being very rare.

We’re not sure why It didn’t appeal to us, but maybe it’s because of the gameplay itself, which quickly gets boring or maybe because of the atmosphere. You might like it, though, so make sure to check it out; it performs excellent in all categories and costs $7.99. In addition, if you are a fan of THQ’s games don’t miss this one.


Was it because of the absence of strategy games for the iPhone (which is blasphemy, because touch screen technology is perfect for this genre, and the leading WM games are strategies) or because of lack of originality within others, but we fell in love with Galcon. It’s not exactly a strategy even, but is the closest to one that you’ll get from App Store for now.

Galcon allows you to command triangular ships that will lead wars with other planets as the main objective of the game is to occupy all enemy planets. The game is very simplified:  You just have to click on your planet and drag your finger to the enemy planet and ships will launch in an onslaught. Their number depends on the percentage chosen in the right bottom of the screen. When ships attack a planet, the only rule is simple “add and subtract” algebra. You can select more than one friendly planet so that you attack with much more ships at the same time. Another awesome option is to select a squadron already in flight and redirect them to another planet.

The simplicity of the game is pure bliss and will keep you in front of the screen for hours to come, mostly because of all ten difficulty levels and the five different types of game mode. They are respectively 1 on 1 battle, 3-way battle, Beast (All planets are controlled by a red enemy, attacking with incredible amount of force and you must take control of everything, before your few planets are taken over), Vacuum (game mode in which you have to race time and take over all the neutral planets before the timer hits zero) and Stealth (in this mode you do not see the enemy ships).

Galcon is absolutely impressive and even though it lacks any sound or a “wow” graphic design, you will get addicted to it very fast. We feel it is certainly worth $9.99.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D:

One of the most famous Playstation games is now available for the iPhone too! Crash hasn’t changed at all; graphically it is almost the same, the weapons and characters are identical with small changes here and there, while the racing tracks are completely modified and full of obstacles! For those of you who are not familiar with the series, Crash is an epic racer in which you can collect bonuses, weapons spread all over the tracks and defeat your enemies in more than one way. Despite single races, you will have the option to race for the cup (a series of games) or to play “story mode” and get to know the characters.

Graphically and musically, the CBNK 3D is equal to none and for $9.99 it is definitely worth it! However, there are a few bugs that need fixing; a lot of glitches, for example, will give you the feeling that you are playing an emulated CD version of the game on a very old computer. The speed will slow down and the FPS will drop rapidly. This is something that should not happen to a game that demands fast responses. Despite the glitches, during most of the time you will have enough frames per second to fully enjoy playing CBNK 3D.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D has some competition in the AppStore in the face of Cro-Mag Rally, about which we will say only a few sentences. Cro-Mag Rally is a racer in almost the same genre with the same gameplay – Collecting weapons and racing in (pre-historic) carting vehicles. It also has a bit more complicated interface and you will have to hold a button for the gas, because there is also a key for backward movement. Despite that, the game is not as intuitive as CBNK 3D and the additional controls are rather irritating. Cro-Mag Rally is more dynamic as gameplay, but is not much different from its adversary Crash. It has the same price tag and the choice between them (or maybe both) falls solely on you.

South Park Imagination Land:

Do you remember the episode of South Park in which terrorists took over USA’s imagination? And how the government immediately decided that nuking it was the best course of action? Well, now you will be able to join this epic saga in the face of the most inappropriate character - Butters. You are in the role of the blond kid, who has the “power of imagination”. Using it, you will have to pass through different stages, jumping around with a charge of “imagination” and collecting rainbows.

Believe it or not, we played South Park Imagination Land for more than three straight hours and we were still not bored with it. In short, the idea is to jump off walls and mushrooms using the charge of Butters’ imagination, which depletes every time you jump. Recharging is done by colliding at high speed with other objects. Even though we failed to explain it perfectly, there are training missions that you will have to take anyway and everything will be described step by step. You will travel through different imaginary worlds and completing every stage will give you more “imagination power”, which Butters must use in the end to save Imagination land. The game costs $9.99 and we liked it a lot. Even if you are not a fan of the series, you will like it too, because it is very addictive, user-friendly and innovative.

Bomberman Touch:

Classics, classics… Bomberman is one of those games that just don’t seem to get boring… for a good reason! Some time ago, it was one of the most addictive console games. And it still is. In Bomberman Touch you will meet our old mate who has now decided to bomb his way through a sacred temple called Ka-Boom. You can sense the Japanese style in both the music and character design, which is somewhat great, because it is fresh, but at some point in the game, everything will look too “kawaii” to bomb.

There’s only one word to describe the game controls: Perfect! No accelerometers, no weird clicks and unresponsive navigation. Wherever you put your finger on the map, a directional pad appears with which you move Bomberman. Bomb planting is even easier – Just press the large bomb icon in the right. Everything is easy to use and so far, we couldn’t find better controls for an iPhone game.

The gameplay is the perfect combination between a simple storyline, diverse enemies and bonuses for your character. Progressing ahead, you will be able to move faster, plant more than one bomb and eventually be able to detonate bombs at your mark. Bomberman Touch stunned us with quality and comfort on all fronts and we recommend it with both thumbs up. The game costs $7.99 and if we have to be completely honest, it’s worth every penny.

Aqua Forest:

The last and final game we will review today is “nature’s wonder” – Aqua Forest. It won’t be a lie if we say that we have never seen such a marvel devised for a phone! This is a physical engine that can make miracles using different materials and shapes, and using the accelerometer, you can create a true storm in your iPhone!

The main idea of Aqua Forest is for you to use different combination of elements in different environments (with and without gravitation) and to move a certain amount of water (or other element) to the designated spot. In most cases, this is not as easy as it sounds (although there are some pretty simple puzzles). For example, when water touches the element fire, it turns into smoke, which later on can be turned into liquid again if it gets in contact with the element ice.

The possibilities are hundreds and the game itself is pure eye candy. You can burn trees, move objects using water, push jellies around… Everything is possible here. In Free Game mode you will have everything available at once and the ability to do anything you imagine. You can even make a small boat made of wood, put it in water… and light it on fire or crush it under the power of the water, if you use the accelerometer hard enough. The game is priceless. Well, maybe not priceless, it is worth $7.99, but we feel this is a symbolic price for what is offered. And when you get tired of the built-in puzzles, you can always make your own and store them!



1. hargs48 unregistered

Wow that South Park Imagination Land game seems awesome...wish I had a iPhone now...

2. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

I loved the episode.... :) From the screen shots the game looks really interesting.

3. unregistered

But it's just not quite Ngage is it.....

4. unregistered

No it's not, it hasn't tanked.....

6. unregistered

i though Ngage was a failer~

11. unregistered

... yet

5. unregistered

best UI in the business right now without a doubt

7. Simdes unregistered

Galcon is a wonderful game! However, it is very annoying that iPhone doesn't have any decent strategy games, they would be perfect to play on such a big screen. Even if they are turn based, they'd still be cool.

8. unregistered

I like the Poker game. It's pretty detailed and a lot more than I was expecting for my five bucks.

9. unregistered

We're not nescecarily iPhone haters BTW, i've played with them, and while it is possibly the nicest phone interface i've ever used, i still wouldn't give ya $200 for a interface. My biggest prob with apple products is that there SEVERLY overrated. I dont wanna start a flame war, just my $0.02. That and it's on AT&T's network, i guess they didnt have a choice though, we turned it down in the beginning anyway. :D

10. unregistered

wheres super monkey ball? that game is awesome

12. unregistered

Pretty cool, honestly. However, the fact still remains, with all the multimedia capabilities and now gaming, the phone aspect is suspect at best. If you want all these cool features your are probably better off getting an iPod Touch.

13. unregistered

That's true.

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