iPhone Games Test vol.1

Up to $6:


One of the games that surprised us, while we browsed the App Store, was none other than Vay. It’s an RPG in which you take the role of a young prince, whose royal family has been murdered by invaders in large metal armors. If you are familiar with the Final Fantasy series, the gameplay and plot development structure of Vay will look very familiar.

The prince Heibelger, who loses his parents and finds out that his fiancée was kidnapped during the attack, stands against technologic super soldiers, while at the same time, he is from a sword wielding medieval empire. This storyline will be warmly accepted by the fans of JRPG’s (Japanese Role Playing Games). It will get them addicted to the game and will bring them back to reality at the very end of the story.

The graphic design and art is kind of ugly, though. The characters are ugly and unimpressive squares on the map, the game screen uses too little of the available space and the art itself looks rather amateur. The music reminds of SEGA soundtracks, but there is nothing bad about that. It even suits Vay. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the anime cut-scenes that will appear at some key moments.

The gameplay, as we’ve already mentioned, is typical for an RPG; you will be able to sell and buy weapons, form a party with more than one character and engage in combat both in random battles on the map and in such, important for the plot development. The combats are very dull and annoying, mostly because they are a bit more frequent than they should be. The characters take turns and their options are only a few, although eventually you get new spells, but that doesn’t really make it any more fun. The navigation on the map is also a big drawback; you click the place you want to go. Sounds easy, but thanks to the small square screen, your clicking will turn into a huge chore.

Is it worth $4.99? If you like that kind of RPG’s, it most certainly is.

ZEN Pinball Roller Coaster:

Where are you going without a pinball table in your pocket!? Years ago, even some grayscale phones had pinball games. This one here is a real eye-candy. It will keep your eyes busy with all of its shiny art and will definitely appeal to the pinball maniacs. Unfortunately, as in most iPhone games, you will face yet another gameplay issue: fast reactions when playing fast-paced arcades are a must, but ZEN Pinball Roller Coaster makes some serious lag, which obstructs the complete enjoyment of the game. You will be forced to push the buttons not at the moment you like, but 10-20 milliseconds before the hit itself. That is not exactly “fatal”, but is not a minor inconvenience either.

ZEN Pinball RC costs $4.99 and we do not have a solid opinion or advice whether it’s worth it or not.


The billiard table is ready for a game and this time it is right in your pocket! Pool was available some time ago with the iPhones that had been Jailbroken, but here we have a lot of new features and upgrades. You can play the game against an opponent, lots of editable options, more precise aiming with the cue and the best feature: two players on one device.

The game is isometric, looks decent, the balls move subtly and all in all, there isn’t something we can rant about. The game costs $5.99, which is a good price for what Pool offers.

Tank Ace:

Yet another 3D war game, only this time it is neither exactly a shooter, nor simulator. In Tank Ace you take control of a tank that will stand against hordes of enemy vehicles. The standard objective is, of course, to kill everyone else. As for the controls, it is both comfortable and uncomfortable and to a certain degree, this was the goal of the programmer. You will be able to move the cannon and the tank itself autonomously from one another. In the beginning it’s confusing, but eventually, it’ turns out to be fun. Your enemies are usually faster and target you much easier, but that shouldn’t scare you, because unlike your tank, their tanks are just 2 shots away from incineration. There are also trucks that appear randomly on the map and they apparently carry ammunitions, because when you shoot them, you recharge your tank. The choice of a model extends to the selected side in the battle: Allies, Axis or Soviets.

The gameplay is a bit monotonous and so is the graphic design. The camera will drive you insane, because it doesn’t really follow you, but instead it positions in a certain location at a certain angle and until you leave that area, the camera will not switch. On the good side, you can change the view of the game from landscape to portrait and vise versa, just by flipping the device at anytime.

The game is $5.99 and we think it is great. Tank Ace is playable and fun, but the camera will send a lot of players packing.



1. hargs48 unregistered

Wow that South Park Imagination Land game seems awesome...wish I had a iPhone now...

2. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

I loved the episode.... :) From the screen shots the game looks really interesting.

3. unregistered

But it's just not quite Ngage is it.....

4. unregistered

No it's not, it hasn't tanked.....

6. unregistered

i though Ngage was a failer~

11. unregistered

... yet

5. unregistered

best UI in the business right now without a doubt

7. Simdes unregistered

Galcon is a wonderful game! However, it is very annoying that iPhone doesn't have any decent strategy games, they would be perfect to play on such a big screen. Even if they are turn based, they'd still be cool.

8. unregistered

I like the Poker game. It's pretty detailed and a lot more than I was expecting for my five bucks.

9. unregistered

We're not nescecarily iPhone haters BTW, i've played with them, and while it is possibly the nicest phone interface i've ever used, i still wouldn't give ya $200 for a interface. My biggest prob with apple products is that there SEVERLY overrated. I dont wanna start a flame war, just my $0.02. That and it's on AT&T's network, i guess they didnt have a choice though, we turned it down in the beginning anyway. :D

10. unregistered

wheres super monkey ball? that game is awesome

12. unregistered

Pretty cool, honestly. However, the fact still remains, with all the multimedia capabilities and now gaming, the phone aspect is suspect at best. If you want all these cool features your are probably better off getting an iPod Touch.

13. unregistered

That's true.

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