iPhone Games Test vol.1

Up to $3:

Circulate Prologue:

For the modest price of $0.99 you can get your hands on this arcade game, which utilizes the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer. Here we have the following situation: You must put together balls of the same color in a washing machine type of environment and manipulate the piles formed by them, by turning the phone in different angles. When you collect three or more of a same kind, they disappear and from the center of the “washing machine” pop out more. The first three levels are easy, because only blue and red balls fall out. But later on start to appear other colors and even metal balls. The last can be destroyed only by another kind of special balls that look like underwater mines. When you click on them, they explode and take out all balls they are in contact with.

As a matter of fact, Circulate Prologue is an unique arcade, which unfortunately, gets boring in a while, but some people might feel the opposite. The graphics and sound are perfect – beautiful, dynamic and well designed. We think it is worth the buck and won’t disappoint you, at least the first thirty minutes.

3-D Vector Pong:

The phenomenon called accelerometer is truly a revolutionary idea, but sometimes it can be a real pain in the butt. No matter what they say, this type of control cannot possibly compete with the comfort of a joystick/keys or a mouse, mostly because in order to play, you have to be looking directly from above so that the device is in a neutral position. At least this game has an option, which allows you to calibrate the angle up to 50-60 degrees, which is cool, but still not enough.

Vector Pong left us with mixed feelings. We loved the idea, but hated the way it has been realized. The game is a “Tennis” clone, but here it is 3-Dimensional, which strongly complicates your situation. When you play against a computer, you will be defeated countless times, as he is rather hard; even in easy mode, our wins are just a few. When you play in multiplayer, your chances of success increase drastically, because the other player will also suffer from the horrible controls: they are very choppy and suddenly change the speed of movement in the worst moment, which will piss you off numerous times. As a whole, we couldn’t recommend this game to anyone and still keep our conscience clear, even though the multiplayer is a good reason to have 3-D Vector Pong and the price is just $1.99.


The name immediately implies that we are talking about some analogue of the world famous Snake game, but in fact, it is a bit different. In Serpents, you will have control of a yellow snake using the accelerometer and the background is completely black, lacking any charm or designer thought. Against your serpent, there will stand up to three others. The goal of the game is not to hit the head of your serpent into the walls or the bodies of the other serpents, while you all grow and thus increase the chance of collision. There are three difficulty modes and even though it sounds trivial, this game is absolutely addictive!

As for the graphic design, Serpents will send you back to the 80’s and this feeling will be reinforced by the musical score, which strongly reminds of Jean Michel Jarre’s works. We stumbled upon some bugs too; sometimes the angle to which you have leaned the device is not sharp enough and the snake will suddenly turn in exactly the opposite direction and thus commit suicide, and you won’t even see when and why. Whether or not you going to give $1.99 for this game, depends solely on you. We definitely recommend it.

Solar Quest:

Side scrolling space simulators are nothing new, but they will always be around. However, since Galaxian, there has been a huge progress. Solar Quest is a pleasant simulator, in which you will not be shooting anything, but instead you will be evading collisions with the sky, ground, mines, platforms and lasers. At the same time, carelessly spread around those dangers, there are some bonuses, like coins, extra lives or repair kits.

After a lot of games in which we had to use the accelerometer, we are positive to say that this is a very inconvenient control method. Solar Quest is no different. It even has a very buggy calibration, which will irritate you in the beginning. You also have a button on screen which will allow you to speed up, when you feel like it.

As for graphic and sound design, the game will not disappoint you. The 3D models have excellent texturing, the backgrounds are pretty and the explosions are pleasant to watch over and over again. The music fits the atmosphere of the game perfectly so we have no complaints there. But as a whole, we were left with mixed feelings and the question “Is it worth $2.99?” We think that the pros of Solar Quest are more, so if you like side scroll space simulators, do not forget to check out Solar Quest.


The war against the bricks goes on. No originality here, but at least the final result is decent! Ikanoid looks and tastes good; lots of bonuses fall down from the destroyed bricks, visual effects are eye candy and the controls (a finger under the platform) are moderately comfortable.

There isn’t much to say about Ikanoid, since there is nothing revolutionary here, but it is still a pretty good game walking on a beaten track. There is a con, though, and that is the extremely buggy platform for the ball. You will often try to save a ball and visually succeed, but the ball will refuse to turn around and after a collision bug, it will slowly pass through the platform no matter what you do, leaving you one less life. This will definitely push a large number of people away from Ikanoid. For those who really want to play such a game, you will have to pay $2.99 to have it on your iPhone.



1. hargs48 unregistered

Wow that South Park Imagination Land game seems awesome...wish I had a iPhone now...

2. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

I loved the episode.... :) From the screen shots the game looks really interesting.

3. unregistered

But it's just not quite Ngage is it.....

4. unregistered

No it's not, it hasn't tanked.....

6. unregistered

i though Ngage was a failer~

11. unregistered

... yet

5. unregistered

best UI in the business right now without a doubt

7. Simdes unregistered

Galcon is a wonderful game! However, it is very annoying that iPhone doesn't have any decent strategy games, they would be perfect to play on such a big screen. Even if they are turn based, they'd still be cool.

8. unregistered

I like the Poker game. It's pretty detailed and a lot more than I was expecting for my five bucks.

9. unregistered

We're not nescecarily iPhone haters BTW, i've played with them, and while it is possibly the nicest phone interface i've ever used, i still wouldn't give ya $200 for a interface. My biggest prob with apple products is that there SEVERLY overrated. I dont wanna start a flame war, just my $0.02. That and it's on AT&T's network, i guess they didnt have a choice though, we turned it down in the beginning anyway. :D

10. unregistered

wheres super monkey ball? that game is awesome

12. unregistered

Pretty cool, honestly. However, the fact still remains, with all the multimedia capabilities and now gaming, the phone aspect is suspect at best. If you want all these cool features your are probably better off getting an iPod Touch.

13. unregistered

That's true.

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