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iPhone 6: infographic shows new features and how likely they are to arrive

0. phoneArena posted on 21 Jul 2014, 04:27

The upcoming Apple iPhone 6 has been a subject of so much debate and speculation that by now you’re probably drowning in a sea of various rumors…

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posted on 21 Jul 2014, 04:31 6

1. lalalaman (Posts: 637; Member since: 19 Aug 2013)

Lol...ppl have so mch tme

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 04:33 1

3. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

How many articles like this does PA feel the need to publish?

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 04:56 2

8. RuiBacelar (Posts: 153; Member since: 25 Feb 2014)

Just the enough ammount, plus one, articles to keep us here all day ;)

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 08:07

15. refillable (Posts: 1070; Member since: 10 Mar 2014)

Why not comment on this on every rumors published here? You probably need to know that the amount of iPhone 6 rumors are not any different (in terms of quantity) than other smartphones. That includes the S5 Prime, and the G3 805.

Don't just start judging that this is because PA's fanboyism towards apple. It has nothing to do with these rumors.

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 09:56

17. syncronyze (Posts: 103; Member since: 26 Apr 2014)

You do know that if people are clicking on the link, even to just complain about the article, PA thinks that the articles are popular right? Just don't click them and PA will stop making so many iPhone 6 articles.

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 05:12

10. brrunopt (Posts: 742; Member since: 15 Aug 2013)

not another iphone 6 fart article ...

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 05:30

11. iMemo (Posts: 113; Member since: 22 Feb 2014)

It seem PA has run outta news and leaks to post.

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 05:55 1

12. sergiobr (Posts: 713; Member since: 25 Feb 2013)

They forgot the price ... $ 1000 on contract and $ 1500 without lol

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 07:56 1

14. refillable (Posts: 1070; Member since: 10 Mar 2014)

$1500 shortly after release and $1000 actual price off contract in ebay. With no contracts to deal here, I have to deal with those prices. So Meh.

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 08:22

16. iampayne (Posts: 322; Member since: 12 Aug 2013)

You're impossibly mis-informed if you think there is the slightest chance there will be NFC.

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 11:28 1

18. 0xFFFF (Posts: 3806; Member since: 16 Apr 2014)

Can't wait for Apple's fake HD. Even though I hope they don't do this and go with "Retina HD" instead, I think it would be a better self-parody if Apple introduces "Apple HD", with 960p.

posted on 21 Jul 2014, 12:42

19. Iodine (Posts: 1395; Member since: 19 Jun 2014)

It will be just the Retina display. If you didn't noticed there are 4 different types of Retina displays by now. Apple doesn't have to, want to or need to put HD's, and similar crap to a well estabilished trademark name like everybody else.

"Full High Definition Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emiting Diode"



Are you getting it ?

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