iPhone 3G will hit the shelves in Best Buy on September 7

iPhone 3G will hit the shelves in Best Buy on September 7
Apple’s iPhone 3G will hit the shelves of Best Buy stores on September 7. This will be the first U.S reseller to offer the phone in addition to AT&T and Apple retail stores. It will be available in 970 Best Buy and 16 Best Buy Mobile locations.

Best Buy also created a mobile phones section in all of its stores and that is the place where you can find the iPhone 3G, sitting next to its rival, the Samsung Instinct (only sold through Sprint and Best Buy).

source: Best Buy via AppleInsider



1. unregistered

it's about time.... Big money for bestbuy mobile

2. unregistered

nope mobile isnt gonna make anything of of this phone. all were doin for apple is sellin it for em..i work for bestbuy mobile

3. Sasah unregistered

What are you talking about? Everybody makes money on it!!! Maroon!

4. sinfulta unregistered

You should call people people Crayon colors (Maroon). Either way, This phone will not be profitable for Best Buy, Just for Apple and ATT. There is no Extra or special money to be made for this device. They will probably make more on a low end phone then they would on this. Yes apple is that greedy. So #2 post is absolutely correct.

5. unregistered

Yeah, except for the fact that AT&T gives a nice little kickback for activating service and attaching features, like they do on every other phone. And the iPhone requires a data package

7. sinfulta unregistered

If they sold a PDA phone or something similar in feature for ATT. They will make more money on it then the I-Phone. There are more people on high end plans on standard phones and PDA's then on I-Phones. If you look at I-Phone plans most consumers go with the minimum they can because the data service charge is so high for I-Phone. Best Buy makes spiffs on acts regardless of what it is, and on the rate plan. Not all the data features.... So where is the push for a I-Phone for them? Just if there is a customer that is persistent or it's an Apple fan behind the counter that day.

11. unregistered

so we make around 40 bucks compared to $200 wen we sell any other phone we dont get money off of activations or anything like that...like i said i WORK for bestbuy mobile we barely get anything off these damn phones

12. unregistered

nope no kickback for activations...att is actually gettin it

15. unregistered


18. unregistered

i work for best buy mobile and we just had a meeting at district about the iphone and we will make money off of it

19. unregistered

i was at that meeting....so now best buy has the lg dare(verizon) Instinct(sprint) iphone(at&t) and the lg vu(at&t)....only if we work off of commision...lol

20. unregistered

So...Best Buy is selling a phone that they lose about $300-400 on, and they don't get kickbacks at all from AT&T from activating it. That's the best business decision I have ever heard

6. unregistered

I come on here everyday just to get a good laugh.. LOL..LOL

8. unregistered

I second that. Isn't it great to laugh to some of the most stupid comments ever?

16. unregistered

YES!!! Pure entertainment :D

9. unregistered

they will make money because i phone is simple and shine an american dream for simple people .i use pocket pc and will never change it 4 iphones but i guess most people like it

17. unregistered

Not most I know a lot of normal people that simply don't care about iphone including myself!

10. unregistered

sooo waht will this do for the instinct?

13. rj04 unregistered

I don't think it's a good thing for the Instinct or Sprint, but I also don't think it will hurt it too much. I think that if the Iphone was made by LG instead of Apple the Instinct would crush it. Overall it(Instinct) is a better phone. It's just that when you add the Apple name and all of the stuff that follows you create an exclusivity that people want. So what I'm saying is people who come in to just get the best bang for the buck will go with the Instinct, people who want a great phone and to be part of a club will go Iphone.

14. unregistered

Shouldn't be bad for the Instinct since it will no longer be exclusive to Best Buy by the time the iphone finds it's way to Best Buy shelves. By that time, it will be available at Radioshack and all the authorized resellers.

21. unregistered

Even if Best Buy doesn't make money directly off the sale of the phone, it draws people into their stores, which tends to generate revenue. If you go into Best Buy to buy an iPhone, the odds of buying something else while you're in there go up dramatically compared to if you had never gone inside. Large successful corporations know this. It's the same reason Walmart puts some items on sale to get rid of them at a loss- they know if they are peddling popular items on the cheap, they'll make it up in the long run through the other items people purchase because more people will shop there. Even if Best Buy is going to sell the iPhone solely to draw customers into their stores, it's a smart move to say the least.

22. unregistered

Exactly...the fact that people come in wanting a iphone they will leave with more than just that. The accessories alone are where most of the revenue is. I had not been in a Best Buy since last Christmas and must say I was very surprised with the phone seletion they had. Not only did they have just about every phone At&t, VZW, and Sprint in both pre and post paid but a number of unlocked GMS phones as well like the N85. They also carry the Invisashield for both the iphone and instinct.

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