iPhone 3G now available online

iPhone 3G now available online
Up until now, if you wanted to get an Apple iPhone 3G, you had to either go to an Apple or an AT&T store and wait in line just to find out that they might not have it in stock. If you are a business user however, it seems that you can now order it online from AT&T’s Business website, saving you a few hours of hassle. iPhone 3G pricing and monthly fees remain the same.

source: AT&T via Crave



1. unregistered

Still costs an arm, a leg, and a testicle to use for even one year, let alone two. D:

2. Sashaa unregistered

testicle!!! Hhhaahha

5. unregistered

$60 a month isn't that bad for a Smartphone... You don't get much bang for your buck compared to Sprint or Verizons plan...

6. unregistered

^ Sorry it's ^ $69

8. unregistered

it cost the same as owning a blackberry or any smartphone

3. unregistered

i can handle losing the arm and leg...but the testicle is where i cut it off, they can keep there iphone

4. unregistered


7. sk8erfreak540

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 22, 2008

HAHAHA its still funny!!! XD

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