iPhone 2.1 software out now

iPhone 2.1 software out now
The iPhone 2.1 update is now available for download, with a laundry list of bug fixes in tow.  Among the improvements are better battery life, better call setup and less call failures, decreased backup times, better 3G signal strength display (but no mention of better 3G) and a fix for bugs causing hangs and crashes.  Basically, Apple is admitting that there were all kinds of problems with the 2.0.x software but are saying everything's good now.  Kinda sounds like a certain operating system Apple likes to bring up.  Hit the link for the download and let us know if your problems disappear!

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1. xmguy unregistered

HA! My Dare has been out from Verizon since July. NO FW update needed yet!

3. unregistered

Ha! My nokia 6340i has been out since 2003 and no software update yet!

33. unregistered

no no no you are complete right. i love the iphone. it breaks down alot but its easy to get it fix and after all isnt that enough. why would be talk down to a phone when you can fix it. after all if my car broke down on a regular bases that would make it bad since i can just fix. yeah great way of thinking guys. this phone rocks cause i can fix it 3 times a week every time it breaks down easily. rock on iphone yeahhhh!!!!

2. lb55 unregistered

mine is downloading right now! here we go.

4. m.i.k.e. unregistered

the 2.1 update was available since tuesday, at least over here in Spain i downloaded it that night

5. unregistered

did it help?

6. unregistered

like to know whats the improvement in text messaging they are talking about.

9. unregistered

I would assume the keyboard lag. Mine gets really slow and I'll type a whole message and watch it go letter by letter, like slo-mo.. Only problem is I'm unlocked and jb so probably won't get to take advantage of the update until a new unlock comes out

15. unregistered

There is also an issue that happens with iphones getting stuck on attempting to send sms to 7 digit numbers until you completely clear the number from your phone and re-add it. That could be fixed as well.

7. jrcrow unregistered

had my LG Vu and so far no firmware updates yet!..hmm..wondering when LG or ATT will release a firmware update @ some point

8. unregistered

thats up to LG. Just check in once a month by phone to find out.

10. unregistered

the Vu got dumped and is being re-made so dont expect any support for it since it sold terribly on ATT compared to how well the Voyager and Dare have sold for VZW, thats why LG supports VZW 1000% more than gAyT&T....because VZW sells FAR more quality LG handsets . Its the network ...get with it or get worked son.

37. unregistered

Far better quality LG phones? What planet are you from "son"? (Little condescending?) Almost every LG VZW has had, excluding the dare has had at least 4 firmware updates. The VX8300 would stop booting up for NO REASON at all. Worked fine ten minutes ago, then powercycled it and the phone would lock at the Verizon Wireless screen. Come to think of it, the LG 5300, the 9800 and the original Chocolate did the same thing. The original chocolate would white screen for no reason as well. I used to work at VZW as a tech and we saw more LG phones come in for repairs than any other device they sell. I don't have AT&T either, can't stand them, but don't go around being a condescending prick to other people and talk about the quality of VZW LG phones compared with othe carriers LG devices. In my personal opinion, the best phone that LG has made (meaning it didn't have any or very little firmware updates or software issues) is the LG Fusic which was sold by Sprint. I know people who have had it since it came out and refuse to upgrade because they have NEVER had one issue with it. No lockups, no blank screens, etc. Also, how would you know that LG supports VZW more than others? The only way you could is if you worked for LG yourself. Being a consumer with VZW or being an employee with VZW does not mean you know how much support LG provides to each company. If you are an employee and your LG rep that comes to the store tells you they support VZW more, then your more of an idiot than I thought. Have you ever bought a car? That LG rep is a SALESPERSON. They are no different than a car salesman. Of course they are going to tell you they support you more. The LG rep for Sprint will say the same thing to the Sprint guys and the one for AT&T wil do the same for them. It's called a sales tactic. Not an honest one and not one I personally condone, but one that exist nonetheless. They are not going to tell you they support everyone the same because that would boost all the little VZW reps and customer's self esteem. Doesn't make them feel special or wanted if they did that. Oh and as far the last comment you made to the AT&T person, take a look at your plan prices and everyone else's.... It's the network... YOU are getting worked...SON.

38. unregistered

*would not boost... sorry, forgot a word there

41. 9800 unregistered

I don't know what you guys are talking about i had the original V, VX9800 for 2.5 years! NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM... EVER! I have fiddled with the internal programming and changes stuff to see what it does and changed it back, and still nothing. I gave the phone to my sister in law and it worked great for her for 6 months, before she was thrown into a pool at a party! After it dried out for a few days, it worked decently well, minus a few dropped calls (by the way, never had a single one since i have been with verizon, WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than quest would ever be, b/c they used to resell on sprint's network). Until it finally died last week. I think all you people that have problems with your phones are all your own faults. People will have nokia phones and one person will say it is great then one will say the same phone sucks, same with sony ericson, LG, motorola, and yes even the iphone. I think all you whiney babies need to point your finger back at yourself and say, "I need to f*cking grow up and own up to my own problems, even though that is what my mommy taught me to do... COMPLAIN!!!!" .

11. get-a-life unregistered

Seriously, I don't give a d*mn about how much you like you LG or Verizon, or how much you hate the iPhone or AT&T. I'm happy with my purchase of the iPhone because it does everything I need it to. Plain and simple. I weighed the Pro's and Con's of each phone I considered before my purchase, and yes there are other phones that are better at some things, or have other features. So what?? The iPhone works for me. Why do I need more? The reason you probably have so much time to troll around iPhone posts, and bash on a phone you don't even have, and try to convince everyone else your smarter and/or better for getting a different phone, is because you probably don't have any friends to call you on your wonderful, super, awesome phone to begin with. If you have nothing of any importance to add to the iPhone 2.1 FW update comments, shut up and go away. Otherwise, I'm interested in hearing how the update is going for the other iPhone users on here, as I'm about to start mine here shortly.

17. Peta Feiner unregistered

Yeah!! (My iphone updated quickly and it seems to be holding a charge much longer. Hopefully they've fixed the dropped call thing.)

34. unregistered

you know big guy if your phone was working so great you wouldnt be on here asking about how the upgrade is working out cause your phone wouldnt need it now would it face

39. unregistered

Right on, I totally agree. BTW anyone notice how the majority of bashers are from VZW in EVERY blog? They must have to do some bashing to justify spending 25% more for the same services offered by every other carrier.

40. unregistered

that was in response to #16. #52 is probably just another VZW person trying to justify all of them coming into a blog that has nothing to do with their service and phone and running their mouth.

42. unregistered

I dont know what pricing plans your looking at except for maybe T-Mobile. At&t prices seem to sure look the same as VZW in my area, and if you think about VZW gets all of the cool stuff first anyways, like the MediaFLO Feature, Navigation Feature, Almost all phones ARE 3G (Not select phones), and hell they even tried to beat VZW in the "Family Messaging" by a whole penny. Check your pricing and also check how many customers VZW will have by the end of this year or next Compared To Any Other Wireless Carrier.

43. unregistered

I actually agree with you on this one. I do work for VZW but I agree that if you get a phone make sure it does what you want it to do. Dont get it and then complain about the carrier and the phone. If you like At&t then go with them same with everyone else. Chose what is right for you before your Trial Period is up. Thats the point of those. Every carrier has one so take advantage. If you phone does what you want it to do and you like the service, then shut up and be happy. Dont come on here and complain to everyone who does not want to hear it.

12. unregistered

I'm rofling so hard at comment 12. Thank you for that anonymous. It's almost as if you're serious haha

13. unregistered

Well just updated to 2.1 software and i can say here at work (A VerizonWireless Call Center) i was getting 1-2 bars of service before update. After update im happy to report i have 4-5 bars most of the time. So definetly a great update since signal strength was improved. Yes i work for VZW, yes i own an iPhone. Yes the iPhone is the best touchscreen phone out there for my needs. Yes VZW has better service hence why my iPhone 3G is on prepaid at $20 a month and i have an eNV2 for Voice/Txt.

14. unregistered

*Clarification* $20 Unlimited Data

16. unregistered

all those who are here to bash the iphone get a friggin life! is there anyone who has done this updat yet?? if so can you please leave some feedback...

19. peta unregistered

my iphone is holding a charge much longer and everything seems to be working better/faster. update was quick and without problems, go for it

18. kmichalec unregistered

I've done the update to 2.1. It went very smooth. No issues during the update. Syncing seems a bit faster, as does backing up. So far, I can't tell if the signal is any better, as where I am currently, I always get 5 bars, so the real test will be when I'm back at work on Monday, where I was always getting 1 bar. So far, there doesn't appear to be visual differences. Will report back more later after further testing.

20. kmichalec unregistered

Home button security issue is fixed. I set it back to Phone Favorites, locked the phone, then went to the unlock screen, and hit the home button, and it does not take me into my contacts like it used to.

21. unregistered

Hey can you guys make calls yet with this update? lolol

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