iPhone 2.0.2 update released

iPhone 2.0.2 update released
Yesterday, Apple released the 2.0.2 update for its iPhone and iPhone 3G. As with the previous 2.0.1, the company doesn’t say what is new in it, and only mentions “Bug Fixes”. Anyways, there are reports of possible fixes including better overall 3G performance (both in signal strength and webpage loading times), fewer crashes in 3rd party applications, smaller porcentage of dropped calls and reduced keyboard lag.



1. unregistered

no visible changes :( and many report the same in ny times article too

2. sikkk unregistered

wow, how many updates does one company need to squeeze in a phone only a few months after release?

6. unregistered

if you haven't noticed most phones have updates after they are released. iphone is actually one of the few that you can do at home. all verizon phones have updates. how many updates has the voyager had? the glyde? the enV2? Chocolate 3? some of those phones came out around the same time as the iphone and they all have had updates. only thing is... you have to go into the store and have the reps to flash it for you.

7. unregistered

oh yeah and we can forget the instinct, there's an update for that one too.... so iphone is not the only one doing updates you FRIGGIN HATERS!!!

15. unregistered

all the phones you mentioned from verizon have had one update. BTW verizon will soon be offering OTA updates

17. unregistered

voyager has had 2 since released, glyde has had 1, none for the env2 and none for choc 3

3. unregistered

THE I-PHONE SUCKS! please exuse the shout ijust feel storngly bout that

4. unregistered

Can you hear me now lolol...where are all the Apple fanboys now with their shiny new paper weight

5. C-Chicki unregistered

Drooling over their phones still

8. unregistered

Yeah I agree. I don't mind that some people really don't like the iphone. But I still love mine.

9. C-Chicki unregistered

Yup, its your personal choice to spend your money on whatever you want. Obviously some people just dont understand that at times.

10. unregistered

You know, it's nice too see a company that actually cares about the customers and releases updates for their phones. Most others only update that flagships or don't even do updates at all.

11. Mayday3420 unregistered

Practically every single phone has sw updates. Definately not just the flagships... and idiot... the iphone is the flagship of att and is the ONLY ship of phones for apple. Ofcourse they're going to update it all the time. But alas... all the iphone is is a pretty interface and a nice browser. There are TONS of phones out there that do more and are more functional, just not as good as an interface.

12. unregistered

if they cared about their customers, then they should release a stable product that didnt need updates just to be functional.

21. unregistered

IPhone is still better than anthing even without updates

27. radcloser unregistered

WOW! Here's my experience: I bought two 16GB iPhones (one each for my sonand I) on the day it launched. I returned both 13 days later. Here's why: 1) zero to 1 bar on 3G and 3 to 5 bars in the same spot with 3G off. 2) The browser repeatedly kicked me out of my browsing session back to the home screen. 3) Applications repeatedly ended abruptly and power cycled the phone. 4) The battery performance was unacceptably poor. I worried about not being near a source of power for the charger. 5) Incoming calls often went straight to voice mail and I dropped more calls with this phone than any other phone I have ever had. 6) Mobile Me was obviously not ready to be launched as it didn't work. And the best part was when I tried to return the phones to the AT&T store where I bought them I was reminded of the restocking fee for the phones AND the Apple Care warranties??? Who ever heard of a restocking fee for a warranty? And when I voiced my concerns about the iPhone to the sales reps at the store and mentioned that other new iPhone users all over the globe were having the same problems the sales rep said, "You can find all kinds of things on the internet, but that doesn't mean they are true". Well, roll the calendar forward a month or two and now it's common knowledge the iPhone wasn't ready to launch. Now there is a class action lawsuit pending for the iPhone 3G problems. Apple has discovered a flaw in the power management software. The 2.0.2 software update is useless to cure the 3G problem unless EVERY person using the same tower has installed the update. And all I can remember is the smug attitude of the AT&T reps implying I must be hallucinating thinking there were any problems with the iPhone and charging the resocking fee in spite of the fact the iPhone had design flaws and was obviously not ready to be released.

13. unregistered

By the way apple is being sued over iphone 3g...too many dropped calls and poor 3g reception. Was of much for phone and service if you ask me.

22. unregistered

I never even droped a call. Had to use it where my verizon wouldnt work and kept dropping calls

28. unregistered

Probably because you had the 3G turned off? My iPhone reception would only work with the 3G off.

14. unregistered

**I mean waste of money**

16. Hawk0127 unregistered

Actually the newer phones thru verizon arecoming with software update to which you can process it thru your handset. The thing with the iphone is that is all apple has to offer and they haven't been working on another high end pda featured phone. To be honest it came out way too soon. and by all means the voyager/ dare are way better handhelds. I would even consider the chocolate 3. i don't think the iphone is a good product

23. unregistered

you dont own one and you would never say that ifyou did.Keep your old cheep phones your choice I still love IPhone!

18. unregistered

iPhone is the best cellular device ever put into production- speaking on design and innovation alone. The rest of the issues [ie Network Issues/Radio Issues/App Compatibility] will fall into place with customer feedback and a little good ol' R&D. Being that this the 1st Apple device that uses a gsm cellular radio. The iphone has already outperformed even the most popular phone/pda's. My iPhone works great, and I have used the vast majority of pda's runnings different OS's. The only people who have a bad opinion about the iPhone are biased because they either a) Never Had One or b) purchased a defective unit. For any model phone that's currently on the market, you can find at least 2 iPhone users who are more satisfied with the GREATEST SMARTPHONE EVER.

19. unregistered

lol. he said 2....how of them were sold again? it's a great device. not a great cellphone. which is what these devices are intended for right? i have used many phones (pdas and dumbphones)....first thing i want to do is make a call. if that can't happen. nothing else matters

24. unregistered

it is a great cell phone best ever!

26. unregistered

i agree with you, cool phone for pics n browsing but if you cant make a call, then what is the point, rather stick with my Samsung SCH-u740_Alias_ from VZW, cool phone and never had a drop call, smartphones are only as smart as the network they are on!!!!!!!!!!!

20. unregistered

I am neither a fanboy or a hater, I has been with vzw all my life. Two weeks ago I bought the iphone cuz I like it. I can tell you with honesty the coverage is NOT the same at least NY-NJ area. My wish is to have the iphone with vzw network but in real life you can't have everything you wish for. I hope by the end of my contract vzw will have a phone better than the iphone so I can swicth back.

25. unregistered

amen verizon just wants to give junk I have been with them when they were airtouch. I also bought Iphone and love it in my area. Verizon just doesnt have good phones!

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