iPad's Micro SIM card is about 52% smaller than normal SIM

iPad's Micro SIM card is about 52% smaller than normal SIM
At yesterday’s presentation of the iPad, Apple announced that its tablet will use a new SIM card standard, called Micro SIM (aka 3FF SIM). While the tablet itself can be by no means called “micro”, its Micro SIM cards will actually be about 52% smaller than current SIMs, measuring at 12 x 15mm, as opposed to the 15 x 25mm of normal SIM cards. This new standard has been developed by the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), in order to provide more memory and better security of data. As it seems though, the GSMA isn’t really pushing Micro SIM just yet, so it will probably take some time before we start seeing these more often.

For the record, T-Mobile has introduced Micro SIM to the U.S. on January 6 this year, when announcing its cooperation with GPS-based device manufacturer Lok8u.

source: Engadget and Yahoo!


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