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iPad dropped from 1300 feet and lives to tell the tale

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iPad dropped from 1300 feet and lives to tell the tale
The folks over at G-Form like making durable products that can stand up to the most extreme situations, but not as much as they like making crazy marketing videos for those products. In the past, we’ve shown them dropping an iPad from 60 feet and running an iPad over with a car. Now, they’ve stepped it up once again by jumping out of a plane, parachuting to 1300 feet, and letting go of two iPads with only an Extreme Edge and Extreme Portfolio case as protection as they plummet back to Earth.

These two protective cases use RPT, or Reactive Protection Technology, to offer a lightweight, water-resistant casing. These cases probably offer more protection that the average klutz needs, but if you feel you need the ultimate in butterfingers protection, the Extreme Edge and the Extreme Portfolio can be had for $44.95 and $89.95 respectively.

source: TechCrunch

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