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iOS apps that take your address book data: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and more

0. phoneArena posted on 15 Feb 2012, 03:46

If you have an iPhone, chances are you are using either the Facebook or Twitter application. Turns out, they are among a surprisingly huge number of application that would…

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posted on 15 Feb 2012, 05:40

1. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

It's why the permission model is the best ever, you know what apps can use certain permissions and for much more advanced users even block some permission on certain apps

posted on 15 Feb 2012, 06:10 2

2. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

Sounds like there definitely will be another release of iOS 5 before the iPhone 5 starts to ship.

Agreed about the permissions model superiority. Unless an app is explicitly permitted access, it don't get the access.

posted on 15 Feb 2012, 08:54

3. cellphonator (Posts: 298; Member since: 29 Oct 2011)

It's like an 'in house spyware'. Shame on them.

posted on 15 Feb 2012, 12:07

4. rcrider4 (Posts: 118; Member since: 14 Nov 2011)

Definitely needs a system like location services, where you can tell an app if it can access you adress book, and see a list where you can toggle them on and off.

posted on 15 Feb 2012, 13:14

5. rcrider4 (Posts: 118; Member since: 14 Nov 2011)

And look at that. Engadget reported that apple is planning to do exactly what I said:http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/15/iphone-address-book-issue-prompts-response-apple-access-to-cont/

posted on 17 Feb 2012, 12:47 1

6. cellgeek82 (Posts: 518; Member since: 20 Dec 2009)

There should be a permission model when it comes to government lol.

-The president is requesting access to your rights. Allow?

-The president is requesting access to your health care. Allow?

-Congress wants access to your beliefs and morals. Allow?

-The House has voted for a pay freeze. Allow?

Ok, that was my troll moment HAHA!

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