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iOS 6 Map users will need to rely on third party apps for transit directions

0. phoneArena posted on 13 Jun 2012, 13:38

Those requiring transit and walking directions from the new Map for iOS app are going to have to rely on third party apps to complete the rest of their journey; iOS software chief Scott Forstall said that Apple realized that the best apps for hiking and biking were coming from third party developers...

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posted on 13 Jun 2012, 13:43 22

1. VJo003 (Posts: 360; Member since: 11 Mar 2012)

If they can't provide an End-to-End solution...
Why the hell are they doing this?

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 18:02 8

15. cncrim (Posts: 910; Member since: 15 Aug 2011)

They are look for something new so it can sell their device. And if the feature doesn't work out, they will claim it still BETA, same lame lame excuse like Siri.

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 13:43 11

2. alan_1230 (Posts: 86; Member since: 22 Apr 2012)

Lame !

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 14:05 18

3. tluv00 (Posts: 134; Member since: 18 Oct 2007)

Apple will see which one is the best, buy it then ban the rest or sue someone.

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 14:06 8

4. wsucoug13 (Posts: 164; Member since: 04 May 2012)

iOS6 was disappointing from the get go and now little bits of info are coming out about their maps program (which was their biggest improvement) and how it isn't that legitimate... fragmentation, now this. Apple is looking like a minor league player trying to hit in the majors for the first time. Welcome to the show Apple!!!

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 16:27 3

12. Lucas777 (Posts: 2137; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)

fragmentation is an issue on all platforms.. and anyways fragmentation itself isnt really something that is a problem-- its just technology advancing and leaving some things behind... and idk why this mapping thing is seen as a downfall.. for the slight inconvenience of downloading third party apps, you get freaking third party info on a native apple app... that in itself seems wonderful-- then there will be maps for malls, subways, taxis, busses and everything rather than the limited amount of stuff that was on the previous google maps

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 14:29 6

5. bubbadoes (Posts: 1225; Member since: 03 May 2012)

Innovation at its finest....200 new (maybe) and no turn by turn directions for maps on a $650 plus phone.....unbelievable innovation... i guess siri will take ubthere

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 14:37 8

6. hypergreatthing (Posts: 43; Member since: 13 Jun 2012)

Siri's sweet voice will tell you to jump off the bridge.

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 14:42 6

7. virparam01 (Posts: 19; Member since: 04 Mar 2012)

And what they were saying the most advanced mobile operating system.. with best add on,the maps....and dat even cant give turn by turn indication.......Really u kiddin me??????
If u was going to rely on 3rd party apps why to spend that much money and what was the problem with gmaps then???

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 15:05 9

8. theBankRobber (Posts: 682; Member since: 22 Sep 2011)

Well they better keep Google Maps in the app store so ios users can pick what Maps App they prefer to use best.

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 15:10 6

9. downphoenix (Posts: 3165; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

Probably for the best. You dont want to jump out of the bus to jump off the bridge that it tells you to.

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 15:42 10

10. jmoita2 (Posts: 930; Member since: 23 Dec 2011)

That's what happens when a tech company decides to sit on their laurels for a couple of years because they think everybody else won't bother to innovate. The debacle of Apple's IOS 6 is another nail in Apple's coffin. The crushing sales numbers the Galaxy S III will produce will finally push the tired iPhone over the edge.

posted on 15 Jun 2012, 02:10

21. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

You wish. iPhone 5 will drive Apple's market share way up. Windows phone is the end for android. All the frustrated users will be going to Apple or Windows.

38% of iPhone buyers are switching from android.

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 16:16 4

11. TROLL (banned) (Posts: 4851; Member since: 13 Apr 2012)

What a joke....

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 16:27 9

13. mas11 (Posts: 1034; Member since: 30 Mar 2012)

Wow that's sad. It seems like Apple just did this to kick Google off iOS, not to improve the iOS user experience.

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 19:46 1

16. Mitchel (Posts: 228; Member since: 25 May 2012)

Actually, i don't consider the new Apple maps a new feature, it is more of replacement to Google Maps which is undeniably better, atleast for now..

posted on 14 Jun 2012, 03:38

19. SlimSoulja86 (Posts: 660; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

Elaborate please.

posted on 13 Jun 2012, 23:05

17. cttan456 (Posts: 62; Member since: 22 Mar 2012)

IOS 6 maps is 3-4 years behind Google maps..
Apple from innovator to playing catch-up..

posted on 14 Jun 2012, 03:34

18. kanagadeepan (Posts: 981; Member since: 24 Jan 2012)

This is very very much expected... Since apple has many customers who without second thought follow apple and guess about the sales of iProducts later, if they jumped from Bridge after the sweet command given by Siri????

posted on 14 Jun 2012, 04:15 1

20. iOSuserbutnotiFan (Posts: 1; Member since: 13 Jun 2012)

with GGmap, Apple is only one who have to pay for Google money to use their map on iPhone. Now Apple replace GGmap by its own map, but iDevice user who want to use all ability of Apple's map will have to buy 3rd app that be place in App store. That sound good for Apple since user have to pay more for 3rd app while Apple can pay less for map + earn more money from Map app that user have to purchase. Good thought Apple lol :))

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