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Best iPad Pro alternatives available in the US today

If you're in the market for a robust, powerful, and productive tablet right now, here is the ultimate list of the best iPad Pro alternatives available in the US.
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Surface pro 6 is above them all..

gamehead unregistered

I wanted to give the pixel slate the win because of its slightly higher resolution and (I believe) backlit keyboard, but nothing beats windows in the desktop arena.


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Surface is not a tablet. Windows 10 tablet mode is a mediocre experience and gets second rate apps. It takes more than just a detachable screen for a device to become a tablet.


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Surface Pro 6 "Pro's" heavily outweigh the 'Con's". Lack of finger print should not be a con with the world moving in the direction of facial recognition tech. The only thing I wish it had was USB-C for future proofing. Lack of Bluetooth 5 is a con for a device in 2018. But thats about it.


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Lotta Cons on that S4 Tab lol

gamehead unregistered

I'll take the Pixel Slate or Surface Pro over an iPad any day, but even those are pricey.


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This is just an article to make PhoneArena feel better about themselves. 'No headphone jack' as a negative? Hypocrites.


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as soon as apple releases new ipad without a headphone jack, it won't suddenly be a con in reviews so don't worry guys bout it


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Hopefully there will be an Android tablet with the 7nm Qualcomm CPU and LTE in Q1/2019!


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or with Kirin 980 CPU and LTE alternately.


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Note 9 ftw.


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Apple iPad 9.7" vs Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5". Which is better? Can I download videos directly from the internet into the iPad?


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There are many apps for the iPad and iPhone whose job is to download from YouTube or any other website that has videos. I use an app called Browser.


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Your missing the Chromebook pro


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HP Chromebook X2 is probably the most glaring thing missing out of Chrome devices here. It's not available in most countries, but it is one of the best when it comes to what you get for your money.


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iPad Pro or Tab S4. I’m done with pc and desktop.


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Getting ipad pro 11” this fall. The apps for ipad is getting closer to the premium and useful apps of my macbook pro. Ipad is the reason why I don’t ask multitasking, split screen and p-n-p in my iphone Xs max. The quality of products, apps, and services is unparalleled. Gonna love the incoming face id ipad pro.


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I have the Tab S3 but this thing is still sub par compared to iPad pro. I don't think the Tab S4 is closer for the supported apps alone. And it lags after updated to Oreo. Hopefully it will benefit from android 9. The dark theme is also not available, I feel like the OLED screen was not put into good use for its absence.


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You can connect any usb/bluetooth keyboard to Note 9. (But I'm still not sure why Note 9 is on this list)


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Note 9 in this bunch.


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I'm reading this article on a Samsung Galaxy Book 12 which was my pick for an "alternative". OLED screen, Wacom stylus and Windows lets me do all my design work on the go. Battery life isn't amazing because of the relatively high powered Intel chipset but it's the only downside from my perspective. Oh and it's got a beautiful metal case. None of this glass shenanigans.