AT&T "enhances" its two unlimited plans, has special deals for those in NYC, Chicago and L.A.

AT&T is adding two new unlimited plans starting on March 1st. Unlimited Plus Enhanced is $80 a month for the first line, comes with 15GB a month of mobile hotspot data for each line, and also includes HBO. The price is $10 a month less than the currently offered AT&T Unlimited Plus, and includes 50% more mobile hotspot data for the month. Unlimited Choice Enhanced is only $40/month a line for unlimited 4G LTE data, and also includes HBO. Pick either one of the two Enhanced plans and you'll receive a $15 "loyalty credit" that can be used to lower the cost of certain AT&T video services.
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2. kennybenny

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The Chicago deal is really awesome....

3. akita256

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This article is totally incomplete and misleading. I just called AT&T to ask about this plan to see how much money I may be able to save on the Unlimited Choice Enhanced compared to my current plan which is the Unlimited Choice. Reading that the new plan was $40 per line made me think I would be able to save a lot from my current plan. I currently have two lines on my plan. I was told by AT&T that the only way to take advantage of the new plan is to have Auto-Pay paperless billing (which the article does not mention). I was further told that I basically would not save any money to speak of if I changed to the new plan. I was thoroughly disappointed.

4. michaelny2001

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the NYC deal is stupid. those channels are free at home anyway with a regular digital antenna. no gain there. to make it interesting let us have the direct tv full option. now that is a deal. Byt i bet you Spectrum and Verizon Fios would have a cow.

5. andrewc31394

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are you asking for free tv service in it's entirety? if you think that would be a good move on at&t's part then i hope you dont run a business lol

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