Xperia XZ2 Premium vs Galaxy Note 9 poll: Sony fans strike hard!

The Xperia XZ2 Premium certainly took its time to hit the market. In fact, it's not on store shelves just yet — it will finally be on the 30th of July. And that's 3 months after its official announcement, back in April.
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37. Aruminiumaian

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It doesn't matter! It's not activated by default and you cannot even force the display to run at 144Hz fresh rate anyway. And RGBW matrix is often used to make the resolution look higher than it actually is (so just like pentile matrix the effective resolution is lower). What's more interesting is how dim the display is despite using RGBW which is supposed to be brighter than RGB ones. I checked it out in a carrier shop and the regular XZ2 was noticeably brighter and vibrant. 4K resolution makes more sense in OLED because of the better power efficiency and higher luminance of the panel. For IPS QHD+ is more than enough.

35. AIxenhartX

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Read Esato find (Spek*****s)

26. srgonu

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This is cool.. I am fine with the poll results. Android is all about "Be together. Not the same".


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If the reviews from legit, non-shill outlets comes back good for the XZ3 (as in better than the XZ2), I'll be getting it.

28. cmdacos

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Never even saw this poll. Must have been the Xperia title. Skipped right past due to irrelevance.

29. adibuyono

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There was such a poll before. You just failed to notice it.

31. Lord1970

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Edit duplicate

32. Lord1970

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it is normal the cameras of the Samsung are very bad ht tps://

33. AIxenhartX

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whooa I miss this pole lololololx didn't think that SONY'S Xperia XZ2 premium beat the Upcoming Samsung GALAXY note 9 the specs of XZ2 prem is typically common in other flagship except the dual camera rgb & bw with AUBE fusion chip/ 4k HDR compliant TFT LCD display of LG, JAPAN Display, AUO----- with secret setting of 4K 144Hz refresh vs 120Hz refresh other gaming phone info of ("Spek*****s")/ DVS vibration motor/ wish they level up more and put some audio chip that can trash other flagship and make a limited premiums ala game phone with a dedicated add on like NINTENDO SWITCH clip controller integrated gpu/battery/internal sd slot to download a PS GAME that can only be play to xperia or apply PS remote play exclusive only in XPERIA to play vs HALF bake games of mobile phones. And damn fused some ARC design w/ AMBIENT FLOW, its so ugly to see the back and thickness with wasted internal space hahahaha. Shove it with a little bit more of battery. And hopefully if they can put a wtf 21:1 aspect ratio display like TV that has a magnesium alloy frame coated with carbon fiber with a GG6 built in radio wave fingerprint scaner of Qualcomm or the Built in Glass scanner of Japan Display that would be a game changing phone but unpocketable for sure

38. Aruminiumaian

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Thanks for the ad.
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