Woz says iOS 7 "looks beautiful" and says PRISM is unconstitutional

We all love Steve Wozniak, because Woz always tells it like it is. He may have been a co-founder of Apple, but he routinely points out where iOS has fallen behind Android. Well, this weekend, the guys from FayerWayer ran into Woz while he was waiting for a flight to Mexico City, and Woz had some very interesting things to say about iOS 7 and PRISM...
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25. Droid_X_Doug

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No sh*t!? Did you think that any website is a 'democratic' forum? Most every website has a terms of use (or service) that you have to accept before you can post. I personally wish that dislike votes could be tracked as to who made the vote. Maybe it was too much effort and storage resources to do the tracking, so the powers-that-be decided to just disable the dislike vote function.

31. quakan

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PA wouldn't have had to get rid of the dislike button if the moderators had been able to keep the trolls in check. I figure axing the dislike button was probably the easiest, less time-consuming way to solve that issue.

23. tedkord

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Woz is da man.

28. Reluctant_Human

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'Nuff said

32. axbog

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Wozniak is indeed more likable than Jobs was. It's something about the person he is. And iOS 7 may be some sort of improvement over the previous versions. Have 1 complaint tough: If I were to buy an iPhone with iOS7, I would like it if the interface had a color scheme more appealable for grownup males..which are straight. Especially the new colors of the icons. But I wouldn't buy one.
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