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Wirefly performs a lengthy unboxing for the HTC Thunderbolt; release being pushed back?

0. phoneArena posted on 08 Feb 2011, 15:53

Just when things were looking like a go for Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt, but from out of nowhere, there are some clear cut indications that the handset’s release might be pushed back. However, Wirefly recently got...

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posted on 08 Feb 2011, 15:59 2

1. pbody (unregistered)

Good lord HTC! What is the deal? I don't want a freaking Iphone but I need to get off my blackberry tour NOW! You are masters of torture, I hope you know.

This phone better be everything I have been hoping for (minus the HDMI out).

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 16:15

3. 09lexus (unregistered)

the HDMI is overrated. iv had an x and i used the hdmi and it actually looked like crap on my hd 32inch sony. i was useing jetflicks app to stream a tv show. it actually looked better with my incredible and useing the a/v (red,yellow,white) cable.

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 21:27 2

11. Napoleon (Posts: 60; Member since: 09 Dec 2010)

I agree.. I'm still using the original Storm and it's basically hanging on a thread... I too wished along with DLNA it had HDMI... I don't have support for DLNA and was looking for a phone that would allow me to stream my media onto my tv...

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 23:21

15. KParks23 (Posts: 679; Member since: 13 Oct 2010)

i thought it was a SLCD display???????? anyone have any insight

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 16:08

2. ozzy123 (unregistered)

i know 16 people who have the DROID X and they say they don't even use the HDMI port but its good to have the option.

i really want this phone but i am ready for my upgrade in july -__-

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 17:24 1

4. kocho (unregistered)

I hope that February 24th will be the date. If delayed longer than that, 100% chance I will switch from Verizon and go to an alternate carrier. Verizon was always the carrier that got the best phones last (ex. Touch Diamond went to Sprint first..... Touch Pro to Sprint first, then to ATT as the Fuze.... iPhone to ATT........ etc....). And they would cripple their phones (ex. Motorola V710 with crippled Bluetooth). After the iPhone came out, they began to wake up! Stopped crippling. Brought Android phones. Are they going to go to sleep again now that they have the iPhone?????

On a side note, the video is nice. Didn't realize it was similar in height and width as the Fascinate. Sweet!

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 18:00 2

5. testman22 (Posts: 339; Member since: 03 Nov 2009)

I guarantee Apple has a hand in delaying the release date. they don't want htc to steal their thunder(bolt)

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 19:57

7. waititout (Posts: 4; Member since: 03 Feb 2011)

My two cents... Verizon is taking notes and making sure the iPhone 4 SNAFU doesn't happen with the thunderbolt, or they had an agreement with apple not to take away from the iPhone 4 release with promotion of another device. Beaty buy and amazon may have let the cat out of the bag on the thunderbolt and ticked off apple. Or perhaps verizon found a huge flaw and a fix is in the works. Anyway it is very disappointing to read about. Perhaps it will still be released on the 14th. Keeping fingers crossed.

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 21:07

9. kocho (unregistered)

Here's a review (part 1) from Wirefly:


posted on 08 Feb 2011, 21:19

10. dude (unregistered)

Most phones have problems with them when they first come out. I really want this phone but my upgrade is in march so hopefully if theres any bugs with this phone it will be fixed by then (not saying this phone will im just being optimistic)

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 21:41

12. LionStone (Posts: 844; Member since: 10 Dec 2010)

wow...was this guy Bob, Mr. Rogers brother?

Yea, I do know that VZW changed/modified their return policy for devices and tablets, and they did so because it was a deal they had to make with Apple because of their policy with their tablet. It's what the VZ manager told me at the store by my place. So $35 restocking fee for devices and $70 to return a tablet! They're in cahoots!!

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 21:57

13. marlo (unregistered)

he sounds like hank from king of the hill

posted on 08 Feb 2011, 22:25

14. jj0n3z (Posts: 6; Member since: 07 Feb 2011)

If This Was True There Wouldn't Be A Review For This Phone & On The Wirefly Site He Wouldn't Have The Packaging From Verizon Their Self So I Think It Will Still Be Out On The 14th And I Cant Wait!!!!!

posted on 09 Feb 2011, 07:27

16. Fred (unregistered)

"No SIM Card"? Does that mean it is a world phone?

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