Windows Phone passes BlackBerry in latest comScore report

The latest comScore report shows that Windows Phone has surpassed BlackBerry in U.S. smartphone market share. For the three months ended in January, Windows Phone averaged a 3.2% slice of the pie. While that was flat from the 3.2% that Microsoft's mobile OS scored on average for the three months ended in October, BlackBerry's share tumbled .5 percentage points during the same time period to 3.1%...
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28. Glim12808

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Yes, I agree with you @thealphageek1 that BB is not dead but that doesn't change the fact that at this point it is still dying fast. I am a WP fan but that doesn't mean I want BB to die. It is for this reason I defended Microsoft allowing BB to make an app for OneDrive in the BB store in all the WP forums because Microsoft received a lot of flak for allowing it.

31. thealphageek1

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I agree that BlackBerry is having troubles in the consumer market. But when it comes to the enterprise / prosumer market, they are alive and doing better. BlackBerry is actually focusing on the prosumer market more than the consumer market at this point, as that is where there bread and butter is. Worse case scenario, they withdraw from the consumer market entirely and just remain in the prosumer market. They can still survive and be a very healthy company there. Most people miss the point that there is more than just the consumer market where you can have a thriving business. FYI: I am huge BlackBerry fan, and I am also a WinPhone fan. My go-to devices are the BlackBerry Z10 and the Nokia Lumia 925. My tablets are the Dell Venue 8 Pro and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX.

32. thealphageek1

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33. pureviewuser

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Nokia and ms do something extra special we're miles behind oh we'll done apple and samsung .we need take a page out of their book

34. TheNeighbor

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Of course. BB is on its way out.
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