Now that we've walked through the entire OS, it is judgment time, right? As always, we'll be honest and to the point.

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft proves that it is not the stagnant giant not capable, or not seeing the need for a change. Really, who would have thought that the Redmond-based software developer will successfully do what seems to be the hardest step sometimes – start over from the beginning.

Not only has it started from scratch, but the OS the company has built is surely a great product that is already a worthy competitor in the smartphone market. But will it be enough in order to shake iOS's well-established base, or Android's ever-increasing momentum?

In terms of pure software experience, we believe the answer is “yes”. Windows Phone 7 provides a fun to use interface, which really feels next-gen, while its multimedia and internet capabilities are among the best in class. Well, it will take it some time to catch up with the Android Market, let alone the App Store, but who knows, if everything goes according to plan, the Markeplace might grow to a respectable size pretty soon. In terms of hardware though, the new platform will of course be dependent on the devices that manufacturers will produce. Microsoft, however, seems to have learned from Apple in this case, providing manufacturers with minimum hardware requirements for their phones. This will guarantee a smooth and seamless performance on all devices that choose to carry Windows Phone 7. With this move though, Microsoft makes a statement that it wants its piece of the high-end cake, leaving the lower end of the smartphone spectrum to be occupied by Android, at least for the time being.

That said, we feel very positive about Windows Phone 7. It marks the long-awaited return of a once pioneering player on the field, only this time, it seems it's here to stay.

This was a walkthrough of the Windows Phone 7 operating system. If you want to see how it performs on a real phone, feel free to check our HTC Surround Review and Samsung Focus Review.

Windows Phone 7 Walkthrough Video:


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