Imagine if the Motorola RAZR (2019) looks like this

A video showing a concept of the Motorola RAZR (2019) envisions a foldable Android device that uses the original's clamshell design. When opened, a touchscreen display becomes available without a crease in the middle.
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Improvements; 1. Chin is way too large. Gestures would be uncomfortable. 2. The front display could be a little larger 3. Main display does not need a notch there is already a screen near the primary shooter.

16. willywanta

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the chin is the signature of motorola razr. In fact that chin generated the chin mania years ago.

2. Cat97

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Look at Motorola's latest phones...they couldn't possibly pull this off. It will probably be much taller and thicker. Motorola has been ruined by Google, just like Nokia was ruined by Microsoft. They can't come up with true innovation at this time.

5. WildKid

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And Apple was ruined by...Johnny Ive.

23. Vokilam

Posts: 1181; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

Apple was ruined by Tim Cook. Johnny I’ve was fine under Steve Jobs. It’s Tim that has no idea what to choose from when it comes to design - I’m sure Ive presents hundreds of variations - it’s up to CEO to lead the product. But I don’t disagree: Johnny Ive is washed out too.

6. kennybenny

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Actually, Motorola went downhill when Lenovo bought the company from Google...... They used to have one of the best software update policies, now I think they're one of the worst in terms of software updates especially when their phones use near-stock Android. For example the $200 1st gen Moto G received KitKat days after the Nexus devices recieved it. Now, it takes months to get the latest version.

7. phoneguy

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1. Google doesnt own Moto and hasnt for sometime. Its been under Lenovo for a hot minute. 2. You are right. Companies can never re invent themselves. But wait Motorola was pretty much dead in the water before the original razr and then sold how many million? 3. Nokia will be making a huge splash back if you havent been paying attention. 4. Maybe Moto hasnt been putting out massivley specked 1000 phones because they know that they havent needed to and have been waiting to introduce new tech. Come on man.

11. worldpeace

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It's not Motorola, It's just Lenovo in disguise..

17. Bankz

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The Moto mods are probably the most innovative hardware out there in the mobile industry.

3. ahmadkun

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Okay .. i folded the phone ! and then what ?

18. Cat97

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Go on with your life ? There is life outside phones... :)

4. PSAfromThisGuy

Posts: 145; Member since: Jan 16, 2017

take my money!!!

8. monoke

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That's exactly how u do foldable screens and 21:9 aspect. Perfectly pocketable and folds out to 6.5 screen. Can't wait to see how this 'unfolds'! ;)

9. imkyle

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Hopefully Motorola can do something like this.

10. domfonusr

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Beautiful throwback design, but $1500? Yikes! I'm not parting with my hard-earned money over a smartphone beauty contest. I like Motorola products for the most part, but this is too rich for my blood...

12. chbanks512

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I love this. Hope it comes to life

13. Rigmaster

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Um, no thanks.

14. cncrim

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That chin will not cut it in 2019

15. Leo_MC

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I have always been a fan of foldable phones and razr was the apex of that form factor. For this I would gladly pay $1.5k but only if the software matches this price point (I am a nostalgic, I’m not a fool).

19. Vogue1985

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20. odachek

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Totally unnecessary to still put a notch. Selfie can be taken when the phone is closed with the small screen, no need a big screen.

21. Seatech21

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1500$ they can kiss my ass!

22. Brewski

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I wonder who made this video...
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