Will the Apple iPhone 7 feature this game changing technology?

According to a report published today, a small start-up company named Energous has shaken hands with Apple to bring its WattUp technology to the iPhone. Reportedly, Apple will have the exclusive rights to the technology, which allows devices to be charged wirelessly from distances as far away as 15 feet. All that is required is for an Energous chip to be added inside a device...
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61. Macready

Posts: 1798; Member since: Dec 08, 2014

You mean like how Fapples mocked resolutions higher than ~320 PPI "Retina" on phones, until it appeared in the 6 Plus, when they went quiet? Or how phablets were impossible to hold and useless, until.. the 6 Plus? Or how OLED screens were horrible, until the Apple watch? Or how VR was a fad like 3D, until Apple was known to work on it too? Or how custom keyboards with smart prediction, were a cover up for bad OEM keyboards, until Apple allowed them too? Or how OIS was unnecessary, until the 6 Plus introduced it? Or how split screen mode on Samsung phones/tablets was a gimmick, until Apple introduced it? Or how multiple cores were useless, until Apple started using it? Or how a pull down quick menu was basically an attempt at masking a flawed and unintuitive operation system, until Apple copied it? Or how longer lasting batteries were unneeded when you charge through the night anyway, until the 6S, when amazing battery life counts again? Or how a stronger chassis wasn't a plus, because phones don't bend, until the 6S? Or how 4K video is a gimmick, until Apple introduced it? Or how a processor built on a 14nm node, isn't worth noting, until the afore mentioned 6S improves battery life and power because of it? Or how a pen is another way to mask flawed input and UI, until Apple offers it? I'll leave the other 30 bullet points including some "predictions" for next time.

62. marorun

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Yeah android implimented 100% of what apple came out with.. Sure some where but most where not so Honest realist you are not thats honest.

53. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

but I still see some lots of cable connected to that phone, lol maybe they need 5-6 more years to make those transmitter and reciever small enough to fit inside phone and charging dock

55. Macready

Posts: 1798; Member since: Dec 08, 2014

Can I connect my Sennheiser headphones to that wirelerss transmitter too? See what I did there...
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