Will Verizon finally launch the SLVR L7c?

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Will Verizon finally launch the SLVR L7c?
The CDMA-flavor of the SLVR has been available for months in the US, but Verizon Wireless still doesn’t offer it. This is rather strange, because the first rumors appeared a little less than a year ago. EngadgetMobile got picture of it in white housing which makes it looks sexy, although the (now) mediocre specifications, including 176x220 pixels display and VGA camera. We hope the latest rumors are right and the EV-DO capable L7c will be available for purchase before the month is over.

source: EngadgetMobile



1. mi_canuck unregistered

Just like Verizon to always be late with their equipment... it's because it takes time to reprogram the phone to remove all the cool features and disable bluetooth, install their useless common UI, etc. That is why Verizon sucks badly. Why do they even bother offering cool new phones that just end up becoming crippled units after they enforce their Gestappo tactics. Lame.

2. Lewis unregistered

Gestappo tactics yes! However you call always goes through without being dropped or receive the message your call ca not be completed as dialed please hang up and try again.

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