WikiLeaks releases documents on Macbook and iPhone CIA hacking tools

Recent WikiLeaks publications show special tools CIA employs to tap into your MacBook or iPhone.
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29. ShadowSnypa786

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At that time yes , iOS 8 Just introduced FDE. But iOS 10 is easily more secure then Knox nowadays. if you read the article they compare IOS8 and IOS9. And getting paid more money doesnt mean its necessarily harder to hack, it could just mean IOS is such a huge operating system people paying more to shut down their hacks. I say its more to do with the demand not difficulty. "Not to mention also that Nougat is missing some critical encryption features that has been present in iOS 4(Over 6 years ago)" You could say the same stuff about IOS its lacking security features that google has had for years.

31. trojan_horse

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"And getting paid more money doesnt mean its necessarily harder to hack". I second that ^^. I would think that because Android is so heterogeneous, new exploits for it would be rewarded less, too, as an exploit that works in one situation might not work in many of the countless other situations. Security through inanity.

32. mikehunta727 unregistered

You clearly didn't read what he said, he is specifically talking about Android 7 vs iOS 10 security. He says this; "That means that iOS 10 chain exploits are either 7.5 x harder than Android or the demand for iOS exploits is 7.5 x higher. The reality is a mix of both." ("The reality is a mix of both") He literally says its almost 7x as hard to find exploits for iOS 10 vs Nougat and that demand is almost 7.5x higher for them Anything before Nougat is ridiculously easy for most hackers to break into no problem. Nougat and iOS 10 are noticeably more secure then all past previous versions. It doesn't matter what other devices are there, it all depends on the software version it is running, not even 2% of active user base is on Nougat yet either Gonna go with the CEO of the biggest blackhat hacking group in the whole world over a PA poster

41. TechieXP1969

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Windows and Open Source platforms have always been "more" secure, because security is not just handled by the original software developer. Windows and iOS begin closed sourced usually makes them more vulnerable due to waiting for the dev to fix. But Windows and Android offers the benefits of outsiders who can fix, or provide Google and Microsoft with info for security holes. iOS - Apple simply takes longer to fix issues, unless that issue is used to jailbreak iOS. For me, no software is any less or more secure vs another. All software will always have holes, and even if some are fixed, several still exist. When you have to deal with millions of lines of code for an app, shortcuts are always taken to make something work. The problem here is, you are looking at security from a consumer leval and not Gov't or Enterprise. Gov't certified devices have a far different level pof security vs consumer device. If you ever were ot improt the Windows Registry from a Gov't computer to a home PC, you would hate your home PC. Its just not the same dude. Gov't certified devices in my cases use 2 and 3 step authentication and are on far more secure networks. Dveices that are certified to use as far as phones, also have tools and apps which secure the device. IOS, Blackberry OS, Windows, Android, Samsung have all been certified for safe usage by the US Gov't.

33. mikehunta727 unregistered

There is actually not much at all that iOS missed over the years in security vs Android. IOS has always been a step-2 over Android in security And which article you are talking about, the Arstechnica article I linked or marorun's article, the article I linked is about Nougat/iOS 10, Marorun's gartner study article was about iOS 8 vs Knox at that time

40. TechieXP1969

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That's then and now. What would be any different in a year? Knox is constantly updated. lol Again, harder to hack is not equal to impossible to hack.

22. mikehunta727 unregistered

Side note; I find it hilarious that RT is usually always first with posting Wikileaks news/info

28. LovesCameras

Posts: 51; Member since: Dec 02, 2015

In 1996 Windows NT 4.0 was found to have built-in credentials for NSA to access remotely. People are so naïve to argue their device is safe... for every major company has to comply with it. And it's been like this for a long time...

37. AlikMalix unregistered

So far from what I've seen with these reports - they need my PHYSICAL iOS DEVICE to be in their possession for long period of time in order to do that - cannot me isn't remotely without me allowing them from my end. If they do Mia palace my device and suspect of being stolen - I can remotely wipe everything in 10 seconds from any other phone, or pc. "Excuse me sir, mind of use your phone for a minute?" Sign in to iCloud, find my phone, erase phone! Not worried one bit.
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