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Why the Patent Cold War needs to end

0. phoneArena posted on 03 Aug 2011, 22:57

Lawsuits are flying around everywhere in the mobile space. Patent law has become big business, and nothing is being hurt more by that than the mobile space which is the fastest growing tech sector. Unfortunately, it could probably be moving faster if it weren't for litigation...

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posted on 05 Aug 2011, 11:57 1

29. So-Sayz-EYE (unregistered)

Patents are a double edged sword. The fact that Apple could patent a gesture or movement like me sitting on a toilet and reading a paper is not a fair use of patents. But now that I know they own that patent maybe I’ll switch it up and read a magazine might create innovation. Don’t get me wrong I still hate the fact that you can patent such an idea, but I can’t deny that in some ways it can lead to innovation. I don’t know the history of it, but Android Connect-The-Dot unlock screen might have been created in opposition to Apples sliding unlock.

I personally think that the US paten office has not caught up to the technology and that where the current problems stem from.

posted on 05 Aug 2011, 19:13

31. Lwazi_N (Posts: 205; Member since: 23 Jun 2011)

Actually, Peter, they copied LG. If you remember the LG Prada- Google it. But you never heard LG complain. That would be like GlaxoSmithKline suing Colgate because they also make toothpaste and that toothpaste is in a tube.

posted on 05 Aug 2011, 19:16

32. twenti7 (Posts: 152; Member since: 09 Jul 2011)

I sometimes wonder why the phone industry can't be more like the auto industry. If you oversimplify everything, most cars sold today are essentially the exact same concept, just with higher/lower grade parts and different packaging, depending on what sort of customer they are meant for.
There are hundreds of different cars available now, and dozens that are marketed at the same type of consumer. For example; Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Kia, and Mazda all sell a compact, 4 door car with an inline 4 cylinder engine and a 6 speed transmission. This is the same in every catagory of car as well, from econoboxes to supercars. But even tho, in concept, all the cars in a given segment are nearly identical, every single one looks, acts, and feels completely different, and because of that people will prefer one over the others.
Some of the patents held right now are as rediculous as if Chevy were to patent the V configuration of an engine, or using 2 overhead cams instead of one, etc.

posted on 06 Aug 2011, 05:12

33. andro (unregistered)

None of this patent war would be here if Apple werent such sore losers and sulking babies when a better more open and more popular os becomes available than theirs. They had complete mind control of the dumb masses with their pr techniques with the iphone for years but most are now awakening from their dark days and seeing the light.

Apple of course cannot accept losing draconian control and if they can't control the awakening public themselves they will try to do it by sueing and removing everything on the market besides their products

posted on 06 Aug 2011, 06:59 2

34. Leodrade (unregistered)

"the patent claims that Apple owns the idea that you can call a number on a touchscreen device by clicking it"
if anyone who has read this part and still suports apple should get punched in the face

posted on 06 Aug 2011, 10:20 1

35. Battleraiser (unregistered)

I have to agree with a statement that HTC said that these phone makers should compete in the market, not the courtroom.

posted on 06 Aug 2011, 10:45

36. JG01 (unregistered)

The technological advancements that the US use to hold over the world is gone. The number reason is the these lawsuites over patent infringements. This has very much limited the ability of the US people , thus allowing large companies to control what we do ( I don't know why no one sees this), this is the bigger picture and is the most concerning part. When someone comes up with good idea, the big six looks at it and if they feel challenged, they file a law suite to tie it up in court, for them to figure out how to copy or buy it! This a tactic is used to slow down the competition. The countires I look to for technological advancements is first Asia, then Europe......America last. Too much control and BS here. Remove these lawsuites and Amercia will be number 1 again.

posted on 06 Aug 2011, 21:17

37. Vegas89 (Posts: 51; Member since: 15 Mar 2010)

It's insane how much this reminds me of elementary school arguments of who made or who thought of what first, problem is there's no teacher to step in and put them all in detention

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