Why does the Samsung GALAXY Note II have an 8MP camera and the LG Optimus G sports a 13MP shooter?

So why doesn't the Samsung GALAXY Note II sport a 13MP camera? Early speculation called for the son of phablet to carry a 13MP shooter on its back although the Korean OEM had to settle for an 8MP camera due to a CMOS shortage at Sony...
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43. _PHug_

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Why compare a Note 2 to an Optimus? Anyone getting the Note 2 is getting it for the screen size. All you need in a cell phone camera is at least 5MPs & a flash

52. remixfa

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MPx is just the size of the image. It does not mean quality. People that dont know any better thinks it does.. but it doesnt. The sony cam is supposed to be pretty good image quality wise though. But lackluster software from LG can really screw it up (LG's normally dont take high end photos). Just have to wait and see how they look when the phone is released.

61. Hemlocke unregistered

The reason would be because Samsung now has a nice legion of S-Sheep who just mindlessly buy their products and attack anyone who belittles their beloved company and calls them iSheep, regardless of what products they use. I love the smell of their hypocrisy in the mornings.

63. u-suck-more

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agreed! welcome to the world of fanboyism~ double standards everywhere!

65. remixfa

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when did LG announce the 2gig phone before Samsung? are you saying an official announcement from LG or a "leak" from an "anonymous source". You know the latter does not count as an "announcement" right? Samsung doesnt hype their products 8 months before they come out. They dont need to. LG does because they are way behind and are looking to build steam. Announcing something first doesnt always mean it was designed first or built first. Heck, I could announce that my company is bringing a quad core A15 with 4 gigs of ram and a 1080p screen today... but what does it matter if you dont see it till Xmas 2013? But, again, if you could find those actual time tables on announcements for me, that would be great.

66. u-suck-more

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oh look the pinnacle of double standards has arrived. plus u replied to the WRONG comment. and here is the LG phone with 2GB of RAM, the FIRST phone in the WORLD with 2GB of RAM:http://www.phonearena.com/news/LG-Optimus-LTE2-breaks-cover-the-first-phone-with-2GB-of-RAM_id29787#1- the phone is alr released, but not just worldwide. but thats not e point, the point is, it is ALREADY RELEASED. oh and before you say that it hasnt arrived in the States, the U.S. doesnt represent the world, and it isnt the ''best'' country in the world. i mean just look at the state it is in now.

67. remixfa

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the state of the entire world is pretty sad right now. that said the US is doing better than most countries. if you want to be an ass, be an ass to someone else. I asked you to find the release because I had no idea and didnt feel like validating your point.. that is your job. But hey, this is a KOREA ONLY phone.. so no, it doesnt count. Also, it came out a whopping few weeks before the SGS3 did, so its not like samsung could " say stuff like ''LG released a phone with 2GB RAM, why can't Samsung do the same?'' " That is not enough time to retool and redo phones. Phones are built months before release to build up initial stock. Also the confirmation of 2gigs of ram came out a little more than a week after that on the SGS3.http://www.phonearena.com/news/The-Japanese-Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-will-have-2GB-of-RAM_id30244 So, no, your entire argument about samsung seeing the LG and being "worried" and changing around the SGS3 is false. Dont try to call everyone else fanboys because you have some sort of "fact" that is not a fact at all.

68. u-suck-more

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really? 8% unemployment makes e U.S. better? hmm not compared to where im from. perhaps better than europe, but im pretty sure not better than majority of Asia and Australasia. so what if it is a Korea only phone? it is STILL the first phone in e world with 2GB of RAM. it is a fact whether u like it or not. deal with it troll. u can choose to believe what u want, and im gon' believe what i wanna believe. i have better s**t to do than entertain ppl with double standards like you. have a nice day!

69. u-suck-more

Posts: 529; Member since: Aug 26, 2011

and com'on u admitted, although indirectly, to being a Samsung fanboy when u replied to one of my comments. and when i brought it up, someone didnt reply. hmm i wonder who does it remind me of? taco and his group of ''Apple fanboys''? u love to pick on them for running away whenever someone brings up a valid point against them or about, well surprise surprise, u aint no different honey

71. remixfa

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you really do have mental issues dont you? "just saying :)" I didnt reply to what? being a samsung fanboy? Because I'm not. If owning 1 samsung phone makes me a "fanboy" then everyone is a fanboy of everything they ever buy. Your arguments are crap. Where is your valid point? All I see is vitrol and stupidity. You claim that samsung changed the SGS3 without ANY proof to the fact, because LG brought a phone out about 2 weeks before the SGS3. What kind of fool thinks that is even possible? Fact, it was released as a korea only phone, which means it needed A MUCH LOWER launch volume than the SGS3 by probably a factor of 100 if not more. Samsung released the 2 gig SGS3 variant a few weeks after LG, but they launched it WORLDWIDE. The SGS3 did 9 million presales.. has the LG even hit 500k total sales? It takes MONTHS to build up a supply for that kind of demand like the SGS3 had You could build up supply for LG's KOREA ONLY model in a few days for launch. You have ZERO proof of anything you say. Yea, the LG launched first.. it had to. Otherwise no one would have noticed the phone at all. Considering your rampant anger, wild claims without a shred of proof, and name calling, I'd say you were much closer to acting like "taco and his group of apple fanboys" than anyone else on the thread.

73. u-suck-more

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i rather have mental problems than be you. yea tts what u said, but when u admitted to being a Samsung fanboy indirectly u ran away. and its not only about tt. even in an article about e S4 chip, when a valid point was made against u, you ran away. call me a fool if you want, i dont give two s**ts about ur rat ass opinions

74. u-suck-more

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oh and yes, the Optimus LTE 2 reached half a million sales in a week. phonearena posted tt article too.

72. garz_pa

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It's not all about the megapixels people.. When will you ever learn?

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