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White iPhone 4 confirmed for Spring 2011

0. phoneArena posted on 06 Dec 2010, 08:41

Ah, the white iPhone 4! The saga around the mythical device might be closer to its end after official signage from Apple stores across the nation confirms previous information that the handset will be released in Spring 2011…

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posted on 06 Dec 2010, 09:46

1. android_hitman (unregistered)

steve is very smart.. he's trying to see how stupid can the fans be ..

they will all jump and buy another 4-5 mil white iphone 4 and then in july iphone5 comes out and apple will sell those even better than these ones.

good job Jobs.

posted on 06 Dec 2010, 15:35

2. DonkeyPunched (Posts: 321; Member since: 10 Jan 2010)

The iPhone has been around long enough for people to realize it is an annual thing. I expect some people to move over to the white version, but I believe majority of the people who wanted the white one either lost interest (after all, there are a bunch of new windows phones and android ones or they just gave in for the black one) or they continue to wait for it. I know for sure though, people don't specifically upgrade to the next iPhone if they don't have the upgrade available for it (unless they offer the option to upgrade for $18 bucks, but that isn't guaranteed every time [iphone 3g to iphone 3gs didn't have this option]).

Another thought to throw out there is Apple only advertises when they have a new break-though. That is what they are known for in the advertising industry. They wouldn't throw in as much advertising towards a new iPhone color if there isn't really anything new about the product. If there isn't much advertising on the new color, it most likely won't be seen as something big enough to make substantial sales like when it launched the black one, which was considered new.

posted on 06 Dec 2010, 16:02 2

3. Mongre (Posts: 5; Member since: 06 Dec 2010)

I demand an announcement on the iPhone for Verizon!
This long wait better be worth it after all.

posted on 06 Dec 2010, 19:35 1

4. BobbyTaba (Posts: 316; Member since: 11 Aug 2010)

I dont want all the retarded crapple fanboys coming to verizon

posted on 08 Dec 2010, 19:05

5. pja48142 (unregistered)

My contract is up on my 3G. I could care less that the 4G will ever come in white. But I won't renew for a 4G in any color. I'm waiting for the 5th gen. And apparently I'm the mythical satisfied AT&T customer. Been with them thru ATT, Cingular and back. My service is fine, and I travel for a living. I doubt highly that I'd switch away no matter what. I have no need to.

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