Which is the best 5-megapixel cameraphone?

Which is the best 5-megapixel cameraphone?
We bet many of you have wonder, which is the best 5-megapixel cameraphone currently on the market. We did also, and decided to compare them! We’ve collected the best cameraphones from the major manufacturers, including Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson and are currently putting them through a variety of tests. In the near future we will publish our in-depth comparison so it will be easy to see which is the best.

Expect our 5-megapixel cameraphone comparison soon!



1. khanh unregistered

the n82 is the best .......cuz n82 have flash neon......

2. unregistered

All of camera in them suck. With the average cost of those phones, I could buy a quality SLR Camera. The only use for those camera phones are capturing photos of hot girls walking by. I know....I'm a perv, so what.

3. AMR unregistered

Best Quality of picture u can take cus the X-zenon Flash and the most important very controlble the Horizontal mood

4. unregistered

If just comparing the Camrea I think G800 is up there by a tiny bit due to iit's optical zoom, but for an extra $50 you get AGPS and all those other stuff with the N82.... BTW SE K850 is the most disappointed model... no improvement from K800 except with more pixel. It just sucks..

5. bas unregistered

the best camera its G800, the camera have so much specifications, but i guess not in the dark cuz the xenon flash in g800 is sux thats what i heared about the flash

6. Junior unregistered

Are any of these cool phones on the Verizon network??

7. Larry unregistered

The Nokia N95 Is Still Boss Untouchable At The Moment and no non on verizon

8. Viewty unregistered

I think that Viewty is the best. It has got the xenon flash. K850i is on the second place. Then N82, N95 8Gb and Samsung is on the last place.

9. ravi unregistered

i own a n95 and have seen with my own eys a sam d900(3mp) take better pic's. i think the g800 being 5mp would be incredible...

10. asterisk unregistered

If the N82 is using the same sensor as the N95, and it has xenon flash, it will probably end up being numero uno. G800 next, N95, Viewty, then K850.

11. Paul unregistered

No, the best one should be SHARP 910SH, one of Japanese phone.

12. Amri unregistered

I hear that the K850 is coming to AT&T I can't wait till that day comes but it will probably really expensive and the first 5 megapixel camera phone on an American network

13. josh unregistered

Its good 5

14. Herbert unregistered

I have always wanted the best phone with the best and latest features so i could feel good about myself and so people would like me and i could be the centre of attention.I wanted a 5 megapixel phone,so for hours on end i would sit infront of the computer to see which one was best.I would go to work the next morning with only 1 or 2 hours sleep because of my search.But today i have decided just to buy a phone that has good loooks that i like and forget about the features.I dont need all these fancy features that i dont even use and I dont need the latest features to feel good about myself.as long as i love myself then thats the most important thing.There are people in this world that dont even have food to eat and here i am looking for some fancy features.I like to finish this of by saying "I LOVE MYSELF AND I DONT NEED ALL THIS MATERIALISTIC JUNK TO MAKE ME FEEL GOOD"

15. ... unregistered

Soo... still waiting for d comparison, you still cant deciede ? that shows the results will not miror the right choise and didnt line the site...

16. unregistered

N95 w00t. Still the "King of Cameraphones" I dont like the N82 because its screen is a wee bit small. 1. N95 8GB 2. N82 3. Viewty 4. G800 5. K850i But when K850a comes to AT&T as "Ansel" thats going to be my number one!

17. matty unregistered

Wo cares which is the best.Get a Life Guys !

18. Ami unregistered

n82 is better than any other phone in this world....u cannot compare its camera with the other 5-megapixel camera phones because it's camera is far more better than any phone in this competition... 1-n82 2-n95 8gb 3-g800 4-viewty 5-k850i

19. kingg unregistered

Lg ku 990 is King of the king among 5 megapixel phones

20. neda unregistered

lg veiwty is better than other nice touch screen and best camera

21. Naveed unregistered

k850i well diispointes me with its poor battery life and low sound.........tough nice camera

22. unregistered

k850i is the best losers

23. new unregistered

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