What the future holds for smartphone cameras

What the future holds for smartphone cameras
Smartphone cameras have improved tremendously over the years. From devices that were used only in last-resort situations, our handsets are quickly replacing point and shoot cameras for a lot of users.

In 2011, the iPhone grew to become the most popular camera on Flickr. Last year, top of the line devices moved to backside-illuminated sensors allowing for smartphone cameras to perform noticeably better in low light. In 2013, optical-image stabilization is becoming a common feature improving night shots and video.

Further on, we expect to see even more revolutionary advances in smartphone cameras in the following areas:

- faster auto-focusing
- Lytro-like technology that will allow you to choose your focus after you shot the image
- live HDR and a lot more processing happening on the device
- double the low-light performance
- DSLR-like dynamic range
- an always connected camera

We'll take a look at all those in the next pages, so stick with us and don't forget to take a look at our conclusion to see what the ultimate cameraphone of the future may look like.

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