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What new features would you like to see in Android 5 Key Lime Pie?

0. phoneArena posted on 20 Nov 2012, 03:41

We're so fond of Android nowadays we're beginning to worry about getting weight. And how wouldn't we? With all those delicious desserts being regularly served by Google engineers, it's almost impossible to resist...

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posted on 20 Nov 2012, 03:44 13

1. Nocturne (Posts: 24; Member since: 21 May 2012)

*Grabs Popcorn*

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 05:51 2

30. MeoCao (unregistered)

LOL, but I think voice control will be more and more important. Both Android and iOS are moving in that direction with Google's technology is far ahead.

I'd love Key Lime Pie to use voice more to control the phone like launching play list, turn by turn navigation...

The developers will do many good things with the Voice Recognition API.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 06:11 6

38. IHateApple (banned) (Posts: 122; Member since: 26 Sep 2012)

WebOS like multitasking, a "Lite" version for older/cheaper phones (like Galaxy Mini, Xperia Tipo etc.), Siri like assistant, and MOST IMPORTANTLY an option to remove manufacturer customizations.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 06:21 11

40. IHateApple (banned) (Posts: 122; Member since: 26 Sep 2012)

And my favorite feature will be:- Official Youtube app supporting video downloading.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 12:20 1

64. DigitalMD (Posts: 226; Member since: 17 Feb 2010)

A more unified kernel and driver set with less vendor and proprietary items needed to build a updated ROM. That's still the biggest downside to Android. It takes 6 to 12 months to get a OS update pushed out to most phones and tablets . Many never see an update at all, so all the new features go to waste

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 03:50 3

2. shy2papa (Posts: 336; Member since: 23 Jan 2010)

More emphasis on security the only bad thing MS & apple can say about android is its not secure enough

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 04:45 1

18. Mxyzptlk (unregistered)

I think there's more although security really needs to be improved in the next version.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 07:39 5

51. megabok (banned) (Posts: 58; Member since: 03 Apr 2012)

Examples please...

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 08:22 7

55. Mr.Verizon (Posts: 23; Member since: 12 Feb 2012)

Like apple's devices are immune to security breaches. Seems like every celebrity phone that gets hacked and has contacts and pictures stripped and put online is an iphone. Android OS isn't perfect by any stretch but they aren't afraid to say it. You seem to believe that your Apple logo is superman.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 08:35 4

57. moronman66 (Posts: 162; Member since: 09 Jan 2012)

It's really not that insecure if you only download apps from where you're "supposed" to, the Google Play Store. Seriously, only .55% of all of the malware applications that people get on Android is from the Google Play Store, the rest is sideloaded, and that's taking a risk, and they did add a scanner thingy to that in 4.2. People need to be educated on the facts on the marketing of competition.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 03:52 7

3. dan86 (Posts: 298; Member since: 17 Mar 2012)

1080p native resolution, with support upto 32 bit color depth.
Improved Power management.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 11:23 1

62. SuperMaoriBro (Posts: 533; Member since: 23 Jun 2012)

This. So that you can plug your mobile into a desktop monitor and run native res with normal sized fonts for web surfing, document creation/editing

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 03:55 16

4. _Bone_ (Posts: 2155; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

- multi-view, especially on tabs, c'mon Google, a monkey could do that.
- regular widgets, google now, push messages to lockscreen
- USB OTG for Nexus, c'mon, we want to move our files to pen-drive without root
- offline navigation, POI saving, AR mode (already teased)
- option to replace phablet UI with something more useful, google bar too
- a stable, fast Chrome gawddamnit!

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 04:37 4

15. thelegend6657 (unregistered)

I like how on Maemo , meego and WebOS multitask . Those multitask cards are actually live not like on google its just a snapshot

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 05:48 3

28. Berzerk000 (Posts: 4275; Member since: 26 Jun 2011)

I thought the Nexus 7 had USB OTG, so doesn't that mean the Nexus 4 would have it also?

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 06:27 2

41. Asasindude26 (Posts: 33; Member since: 25 Mar 2012)

It does,the Gnex doesn't but the Nexus 7,10 and 4 all do :)

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 10:41

60. rmc8293 (Posts: 1; Member since: 19 Aug 2012)

Nexus Media Importer. Works for all android devices w/o root.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 03:58 4

5. easymomo (Posts: 91; Member since: 04 Jul 2012)

Landscape mode for both tablets and phones

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 04:01 2

6. flower99 (banned) (Posts: 54; Member since: 18 Nov 2012)

hi, im an ios user and i wish to have an android device. Dont get me wrong, ios is great. But i wanna try something beyond the ios. So which should i choose? Wat thing should i need to concerned? Is nexus better compare to other android? I suddenly got attracted by nexus 7 because of the attractive price, but i need a feedback, is nexus 7 really that good?

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 04:31 4

12. TylerGrunter (Posts: 1543; Member since: 16 Feb 2012)

Nexus is google brand, which main advantage is to have fastest updates for the OS.
The Nexus 7 is not the best of the market, but the one that gives the best price/quality ratio by far, as low as $200 for quite a nice hardware. To get something with better HW you'll have to pay $100 more at least.
For the rest: there are too many things to check to give you a full list, but at least check the processor, GPU, screen resolution, RAM an internal memory. Also taht microSD and MHL (HDMI) are included. I'm probaly missing serveral more... You can also check the cameras, but I normally only care about them on phones, not tablets.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 05:51 3

31. noim1 (Posts: 297; Member since: 15 May 2012)

Yup the Nexus 7 is great...bought one few weeks ago..its amazing for the price i paid...bang for buck,,,,

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 07:50

53. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

Nexus 7 is nice, a great start I believe, but things depend on how you feel and what you look for, you care for fast updates packed with features? What carrier would you like? My recommendation for you might be (on phones)

Galaxy S3
Nexus 4
Droid RAZR M or HD

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 04:03 1

7. PowTheBowl (Posts: 86; Member since: 19 Apr 2012)

Seamless integration with Windows 7/8, Mac.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 22:20

80. tumchaaditya (Posts: 71; Member since: 21 May 2012)

Something like Nokia Suite perhaps...
Control all content in a central place...
(Current manufacurer softs suck! e.g. Kies. We need something from Google)

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 04:06 2

8. Samsomesh (Posts: 195; Member since: 11 Jun 2012)

Can we change the album photo of a certain album of music player in android..?

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 04:10 4

9. Paviour (Posts: 2; Member since: 20 Nov 2012)

I want the chromnium os to die, and android becomes the multi-platform OS that will dominate the world :)

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 04:12 2

10. desijatt (Posts: 58; Member since: 28 Aug 2012)

Quality apps for tablets, like ipad has

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 04:37 10

14. _Bone_ (Posts: 2155; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

Google has quality apps for tablets, it's other developers that need to stop being lazy.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 06:44

44. blingblingthing (Posts: 578; Member since: 23 Oct 2012)

He must want Google to put a gun the Dev's head and order a tablet oriented app.

posted on 20 Nov 2012, 04:59 3

23. bloodline (Posts: 706; Member since: 01 Dec 2011)

yeah because this googles fault.


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