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WebOS on-screen keyboard continues to evolve

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WebOS on-screen keyboard continues to evolve

If you've installed the on-screen keyboard for the Palm Pre a while back, then you probably know that the team who created it have been hard at work perfecting it. The installation provided Palm Pre users to use their screen to input text as opposed to opening up the handset and using the QWERTY. After much tweaking and modifying, it has become more usable – we like how it looks in landscape mode when compared to the stretched out look of the original. In addition, they've made it so you can change the theme at will and hitting the shift key gets you all CAPS keyboard while the orange key switches it to alternate characters. Although there's still room for improvement, we're confident that they will continue to fine tune things to make the experience seamless.

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source: WebOS Internals via PreCentral

WebOS on-screen keyboard continues to evolve

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