WebKit browser for WM is similar to Safari and S60’s one

WebKit browser for WM is similar to Safari and S60’s one
Wake3 announced on Friday that it works on mobile web browser for Windows Mobile, based on the WebKit’s engine, which is used in the iPhone’s Safari and Symbian S60 web browser. The new one for Windows Mobile is expected to offer full web browsing experience to its customers, including AJAX support. At present there is only an online video demonstration available, though the WebKit is expected to be released soon.

source: Wake3 via MSMobiles

Demonstration of the browser:



1. TrueDis unregistered

This post could definitely use some editing. It's a fine specimen of "Engrish" (see Engrish.com)

2. larry\\ unregistered

MacrossMobile is a webkit browser on wm http://www.zncsoft.com/down.html

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