WebKit based Iris browser now available for Windows Mobile

WebKit based Iris browser now available for Windows Mobile
Windows Mobile users will be happy to know that the WebKit based Iris web browser is available for download right now. It will be competing against the other juggernauts that already crowd the WM landscape. Version 1.1.8 provides for faster networking and loading of local files with improved graphics performance. It looks promising and may possibly live up to being one of the better browsers on the WM platform.Will this prove to be a hit among users and topple leaders like Opera or Skyfire? Download the free application and tell us your thoughts about it.

source: Torch Mobile via msmobiles



1. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Device Used: HTC CDMA Touch/vogue/xv6900 As a huge fan of the Opera 9.5 browser for the Touch Diamond/Pro/Omnia builds, I have to admit that this is an excellent substitute... I may even like it better. There is a cursor option like the Omnia, Epix, and Saga, of which I am a huge fan. As someone who likes to user their finger as the primary input option on an all touchscreen phone, sometimes picking one link from a group is hard to do successfully, this option allows for more accurate feedback. The speed is also fantastic. The pages. render extremely well, and the Tab section for multiple pages is reminiscent of the Slide2Play music player for Windows Mobile, so you can see where you were previously and slide left or right to pick the tab of your choice. My only beef so far with the browser is that it will not let any device preset backlight timeouts or device standby timeouts from occuring automatically. I didn't put my phone on standby before I put it in my pocket, and when i took it out, the battery warning flashed at me. So when my phone is charged again, I will check out the settings section and see if there is a timeout setting on the Iris Browser itself. Overall rating out of 10: i would give a 9... fantastic!

2. mbldev

Posts: 4; Member since: Jun 20, 2009

I agree that the WebKit based Iris browser is a very good browser to add to your windows mobile device. This browser is actually very fast and I love the tabs for multiple pages.

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