We support EngadgetMobile!

We support EngadgetMobile!
Deutsche Telekom, the owner of T-Mobile USA, asked EngadgetMobile to stop using the Magenta color in their site. According to the carrier, this may mislead the readers, that the news blog site is part of T-Mobile.

According to us on the other side, this is just ridiculous and in support, we’ve colored our main menu in Magenta. Engadget, we are with you!

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1. Jim Bob Billy Jr. unregistered

Pink is for girls give it blue

2. dunk unregistered

i totaly support engadget mobile!!!!!

3. Yes unregistered

T-Mobile, go to hell. This is stupid! Ya german frauzees!

4. George unregistered

umm, who cares? change the darn color to blue ...this pink page is EXTREMELY ugly

5. Mike unregistered

only an idiot would mess those websites up

6. Gib unregistered

Good to see some solidarity

7. rasinhussy unregistered

T-Mobile should be thanking Engadget Mobile, Phone Arena, Phone Scoop, and the like for letting the consumer know about the phones it sells. I know I do some research on these sites before I step foot in a store.

8. andre unregistered

Great to see you guys supporting Engadget. T-Mobile is is absolutely retarded for trying to "protect" their "copyrighted colors".

9. DigitalGeek unregistered

It is good you support Engadget but express your support in some other color!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!

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