watchOS 3.1.1 update gets pulled after bricking reports, users must contact Apple for replacements

It's also worth noting that many customers have had their Apple Watch units bricked, this doesn't seem to be a widely spread issue yet. It's unclear why some smartwatches bricked after the update while others didn't...
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14. palmguy

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The updates are magical.

15. FlySheikh

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21. darkkjedii

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I don't miss my Series one at all, now I'm glad I sold it, cause I would've updated it ASAP hoping for something new. My GS3 is on point, all good. Stop bricking stuff Apple, I know folks gotta be pissed.

36. TechieXP1969

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$350 for a brick., that you can't even get a refund for. Oh and before the losers bring up the Note 7. Samsung gave a full 100% refund, and allowed an exchange and you get to keep all your free stuff that came with yoru Note too. They also gave an extra $100. suck a dumb sheeps. Less than 50 Note 7 caught first out of 2.5M on original release and 2M more on the second batch. Only 100 show signs of overheating. Which I have no idea what that means as it means something to different people. Mine has gotten very warm a few times. I don't consider a phone getting hot defect. All phones get hot. Hot or overheating isn't the same as being bricked. No refund for brick devices...only exchanges. I would be demanding a refund which Apple will give, or I trash the place walking out the door. $200B and still can't update their own garbage. My Gear S2 and S3 have received several updates and not once have they crashed, bricked or stopped working. Yet another #BRICKGATE from Apple. Loving my Note 7 + Gear S3 with Samsung Pay via MST and NFC. Oh its got the WIFIS and the BLUETOOTHS and the GB's. lol

41. darkkjedii

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Dude, I don't hate Apple, and I'm not gonna try to start a flame war. I simply prefer Samsung to Apple, but I'm still an iOS user as well. Go somewhere else with that mess, talk tech to me. It seems as though you're trying to draw me into a bashing campaign with you, not gonna happen.

23. basher

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Your watch has been bricked. Now go to next Apple Store and buy a new one, 'cause you blindly love us

31. TechieXP1969

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They can't properly update one lousy piece of garbage. I am sure they tested it in-house. So how is it, as soon as they release it, it breaks everyone else's stuff. I wouldnt even want a replacement. I would be requesting a full refund or I'm breaking crap as I walk out the door. And if yoru lame security lays one hand on me, their goign down too. This is ridiculous. I've never never had one Samsung update to my Gear devices every have an issue...NEVER! Apple can't even update its own lousy products. Things can happen, but this has been happening way more often. Even Windows isn't this bad.
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