Watch the Samsung Gear S2 IFA 2015 event livestream here

It's the beginning of September and we're at IFA 2015, and you know what this means right: it's time for new announcements!

Next on our list at IFA 2015 is the Samsung big event in Berlin, where it will officially show the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic smartwatches. Samsung has already made the two official, but we expect to see them live and learn more from the source, and - naturally - we would not be surprised to see a few mysterious and unexpected new gadgets break their cover.

Luckily, the Samsung Gear S2 IFA 2015 event will be livestreamed and you can watch it by just playing the embedded video below. Join in!



1. xdza1979

Posts: 296; Member since: Aug 08, 2015

How much time lift?

4. AnTuTu

Posts: 1624; Member since: Oct 14, 2012

Finally Sammy learned how to nail the presentation. A real true smartwatch has been introduced today and this is the reason why I am proud of Samsung. Keep up the great work and please send me the Gear Classic.

2. Clars123

Posts: 1079; Member since: Mar 16, 2015

Daamn!!!..It's beautiful


Posts: 322; Member since: Feb 28, 2014

Samsung: In your face Apple watch! :) well played Samsung, i must say i loved their presentation.

5. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

Who says you need to copy to make a awesome product. Good artist copy, great artist steal; but the best artist revolutionize. The original Gear was a very cool toy. I bought it right away and got bored in just a few days. The Gear S has been more useful mostly because of 3G connectivity allowing me to leave my $750 phone in the house while I got cycling and I can still wirelessly listen to my music thanks to features like Bluetooth and 3G where I can use some cloud streaming. But the design of this thong is awesome. See this is what true innovation is. The biggest disappointment I had with the Apple Watch is Apple had nearly 3 years to watch the lame options from other wearables, and they released something that wasn't even on the same playing field. Yet Samsung released not one but 4 wearables in just 2 years time with the Gear S being fairly awesome. Now they have shoved all the cool features of the S, into a stylish device that mimics what we have been use too, but with more. If Samsung can partner up with more companies and get devs to actually make more apps for Tizen, the Gear has a chance to take the top spot. This is what happens when function is more important than form, and then you ad form to the mixture. Function first, jewelry last. Focus on the essentials and then add the flare. Samsung has learned very quickly and the money they spend on their R&D is showing in their products and now that its open to any Android running 4.4.x and higher, I don't even see Android wear being any competition.

6. Tarox

Posts: 114; Member since: Feb 17, 2015

well written and I totally have to agree. Impressive R&D work by Samsung

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