Watch as the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 browses on Wi-Fi

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Watch as the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 browses on Wi-Fi
A video about the BlackBerry Storm 2 has appeared from someone not named Salomondrin. This video shows the 9550 as it browses the internet using a Wi-Fi connection. We do see some improvements in scrolling, and Wi-Fi load speeds are going to be faster than 3G times. But for some reason, the person behind the camera has decided to test out the browser on mobile sites instead of full desktop pages. He does say that the Storm 2's browser favors mobile sites, but then again, most mobile browsers do. A real test would be to go to the Internet Explorer setting on the Storm's web browser and see how fast the full desktop sites for the New York Times, ESPN and the National Geographic load up. On the positive side, the SurePress typing appeared to be responsive and smooth.

RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 Preliminary Specifications | Preview

source: BerryReporter



1. BigRed83

Posts: 144; Member since: May 19, 2008

This looks SICK! Would love to see renditioning of full gfx site, not just WAP

2. acipollo

Posts: 34; Member since: Apr 20, 2009

That's not very impressive at all for a WIFI connection.. If that is the speed of the browser on WIFI, then it must be very slow on Verizon's EVDO Rev A connection.

3. Fanboys Suck

Posts: 609; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

Neat technology phonearena... cool...

4. moss500a unregistered

blackberry SUCKS...........................................................................

5. MTLance unregistered

Hey man if you said BlackBerry sucks what kinda device are you having? I know I have an iPhone 3GS and I did not said BlackBerry sucks like you do, grow up mate, go attack other companies such as Huwei or something.

6. MTLance unregistered

Not as great as iPhone browser though, still needs some work on it.

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