Watch AT&T's CES 2015 developer summit here

AT&T is the only US carrier to make an appearance on today's schedule at CES 2015, which is about to officially start tomorrow. AT&T is holding a developers' summit at 9:00 AM PST today.

Naturally, we expect the carrier to reveal its plans for 2015. AT&T already revealed that a number of high-ranking executives will appear on stage and give us a sneak peek at the giant's intentions for the current year. For example, we already know that the hot-out-off-the-oven LG G Flex2 will make an appearance on AT&T's shelves.

Who knows, we might get treated to something quite interesting, too!

You can watch the keynote above. Be sure to tune in at 9:00 PST | 11:00 CST | 12:00 EST | 17:00 GMT!



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