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Walt takes back his words on the 3G iPhone

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Walt takes back his words on the 3G iPhone
Walt takes back his words on the 3G iPhone
A few days ago, Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg raised the hopes of the Apple fans, by clearly saying that the 3G iPhone will be released “in 60 days”. Now, he takes his words back, stating that he has no idea about the real release date and that his report was based on speculations only. His claim that if he knew the real date, he would have reported it in the WSJ instead of at a conference is logical. However, this doesn’t exclude the possibility that he might have let the cat out of the bag.

source: Alley Insider via EngadgetMobile

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:41

1. (unregistered)

Now, this is Hilarious!

posted on 09 Apr 2008, 22:49

2. DeeMan (unregistered)

Oh, it keeps getting better and better. All those people who wasted their time to get a $600 iPhone ... and now, on the cusp of getting a 3G capable device, they SNATCH it back... OOPS!!!! My prediction: They will release it within an appropriate amount of time but it will probaly need a ton of firmware upgrades... dooping a whole new crop of suckers.

posted on 09 Apr 2008, 23:50

3. (unregistered)

now that he gave it away, apple is now gonna set the date later close to 09. it was to be set for june now that this oopsed happened

posted on 12 Apr 2008, 11:54

4. Dexter (unregistered)

What a putts.

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