Walt Mossberg says 3G iPhone is coming in 2 months

Walt Mossberg says 3G iPhone is coming in 2 months
During the CTIA show last week, AT&T’s own CEO Ralph de la Vega first gave a solid word on the 3G iPhone, saying that all AT&T smartphones will be 3G “in months”. While this sounds very indefinite, Walt Mossberg gave us a more precise time frame to work with. In a discussion about “broadband” Internet speeds, he mentioned the phone market, and the fact that the iPhone has slow data, but will go 3G in 60 days (about June 4).

Once again, we can only hope these words are right and that the new iPhone will not only add 3G, but bring other new hardware features.

source: Beet.tv via EngadgetMobile



1. unregistered

It's about time...

2. unregistered

Steve Jobs will be mad at him for talking

3. client # 9 unregistered

This is well past due. It only took AT&T about a year of releasing devices that needed 3G to go 3G. And this when other networks are already going 4G. The iPhone, as the one of most advanced and most impressive single devices on the planet, has an unbelievably slow-paced and slow-to-upgrade millstone of a network tied around its neck. Go Verizon Wireless (or something), Apple!

4. DOGIEFRESH unregistered

You guys of VZW are so soar cuz the iphone came to ATT and not you jejeje, and for the past coments i will believe that apple offers VZW when i see the first CDMA iphone, i think is not gonna happen boys keep dreaming

5. rich unregistered

the iphone will eventually come to vzw. Dont forget who apple went to first. And also remember that Steve Jobs wanted a cut of profits from the company itself. Do you really think vzw was stupid? So they go to Cingular/AT&T who was quite frankly saved by the iphone. Still, vzw hasnt lost many subscribers to this device, still remains better than att in terms of customer service, coverage, etc in most reports.

6. Think B4 You Speak unregistered

To think that the Iphone is "one of most advanced and most impressive single devices on the planet" is a bit of a stretch. I will say, however, Apple's marketing plan is incredible. They just made millions of people purchase their phone at an outrageous price. Now, they will do it ALL over again for the sake of 3G. I think that’s very clever from a business perspective.

7. Dogiefresh unregistered

You guys haven't answered the question, is there any CDMA iphone here or anywhere.....?? I don't think apple will make an CDMA version just because of Verizon , the future now of cell techno is GSM even vzw will be LTE ( 4G gsm ) Apple has a contract with ATT for the next 5 yrs guys so expect the iphone 7.0 version when Verizon launches LTE.

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