Vodafone sells out of the pay-as-you-go iPhone 4 in less than a day

Vodafone sells out of the pay-as-you-go iPhone 4 in less than a day

It was bound to happen, sooner thanlater actually, but Vodafone's stock of pay-as-you-go Apple iPhone 4units have been depleted – meaning that they're currently sold out forthe moment. In less than a day, customers jumped on the opportunitylike a pack of hungry wolves to scope a prized handset online. Takinga quick gander over their web site, they provide that slight hint ofoptimism by stating that “more are on the way”, but there is nodefinite time indication for when replenishment is expected toarrive. In the mean time, you can still place an order for thepay-as-you-go iPhone 4, but expect to wait some time before actuallyreceiving one since the wait is based on a first come, first servedbasis. There's no denying that demand for the smartphone is stillhigh – even when we're nearing the two month mark since the handset launched.

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source: Vodafone via Electricpig



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Why not ? Refering to your name as "monkey 23", of course you will not understand, you're a monkey after all ...

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SOLD OUT within a day? That is really pretty remarkable selling. Actually the thing is that Orange and O2 has already put the label of sold out so people were eagerly waiting for iPhone4 on Vodafone Pay as you go and that is the reason for such a remarkable selling. People are buying iPhone 4 like anything and Vodafone mobile is having huge reputation in PAYG market for their innovative ideas and schemes this may be also another reason for huge selling. Congrats Vodafone mobile!

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