Visual Voicemail hinted to be offered with myTouch 3G?

Visual Voicemail hinted to be offered with myTouch 3G?
Smart phone users like to be in control of pretty much everything on their device. It's kind of surprising seeing even the Palm Pre launched without some sort of visual voicemail capability – surprisingly it can be found on the Samsung Instinct. Luckily for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, which pretty much took the media by storm yesterday, it seems that it'll be packed with some kind visual voicemail app. It's becoming more concrete with even the myTouch3G site stating that downloading the free AppPack will provide owners visual voicemail. It's a nice gesture and glad nonetheless to see it offered straight out of the gates. Now myTouch 3G owners can sit back and do one less step in acquiring their voicemails.

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Preliminary Specifications

source: T-Mobile myTouch 3G site via TmoNews


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