Visual Voicemail coming to Verizon

Verizon is expected to roll-out its Visual Voicemail this summer...
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53. T-Money3000 unregistered

I agree... Support the needy children that come on the TV at 2 in the morning!! lol

60. unregistered

The homeless deserve to be homeless. Get a job. Move on, and don't stand so close to my car. Anything helps? Here's a job aplication for goodwill. They hire anybody.

47. VZW Employee unregistered

I love coming to this site to read about all the new news on other competitors and what features or services that each company have or about to roll out. Reading what people actually comment about each and every little thing and also sometimes argue with each other over simple little things makes my day at work every so more entertaining. I would like to thank everyone who come to PhoneArena and complain and gripe about how one cell phone company is better then another keeps on putting money into my pocket. Thank you all once again...

49. Jole555 unregistered

Its $2.00 for VVM!!! Get a grip people thats way less than a gallon of gas. And we all know when VZW really starts to roll this out it will probably be available to almost every Vcast Video / Music enabled phone. Just remember to all you I-phone Users your paying $30 - $40 for the service with the internet. VZW isnt forcing you to buy a huge data package to include it for free. And for everyone that bitches VZW is expensive, have you checked AT&T's pricing? They are almost identical in every way. And btw doesn't AT&T stand for Always Technical Trouble??? T-mbl is a little bit cheaper but you can't do as many cool things with your phone as you can with VZW, and AT&T. If you are still bitching about $2.00 go get laid.

51. VZW Employee unregistered

Wow Visual Voicemail would be a cool thing to have! I hate waiting through all the old or new voicemails I don't care to listen to. Having the ability to go right to the voicemail you want to hear is something worth having. $1.99? Maybe?

61. sdog99 unregistered

I really hope that this video voice maill thing will go to the V9m

66. unregistered

okay, you VZW reps need to seriously talk to whoever to get this to be like a standard, cause u know ur network is like the best out there, so y dont y'all give us something as simple as Visual Voicemail??? i mean, i will be someone who will get it, but seriously, i already pay like $200 a month for your service... so yea, just give it to us

67. unregistered

What is the Voyager "Refresh"? A brand new Voyager?

68. unregistered

What is a Voyager Refresh??
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