Visual Voicemail coming to Verizon

Verizon is expected to roll-out its Visual Voicemail this summer...
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12. unregistered vz serious....visual voice 1 and listen to your voicemail you fat lazy americans.

13. unregistered

i'm actually confused how this has be a nationality/laziness issue. Its a feature that is a perk, plain and simple. If you can explain to me how visual voicemail contributes to being a "fat lazy American" I'd be willing to listen. But until then, feel free to remain on your pedestal. Seacrest out.

17. unregistered

I don't really see this as a nationality issue either ... Sometimes you end up with maybe 10 voicemails before being able to check them, and sitting there waiting for the lady to read the time, date, length, phone number, whether I want to keep for 7 or 21 days, wastes time, battery life .. and charges me more airtime. Since when is it a crime to innovate ..

63. unregistered

Hey 12, visual voice mail was invented for customers like you. That way I don't have to waste time that I'll never get back listening to you cheap ass bitch about everything and anything. Where does it say that you have to get it? Its an add on. All I hear and read is how people bitch about the rising cost of cellphones and service. Since when have you ever seen a non profit sign next to any cellphone carrier? I have never seen or heard of a business plan that is not structured to make money. Do you think all those network upgrades and new towers going up are free? How about the cost of the phones that the carriers have to pay? They don't get them for free either unlike you the customer. Didn't mean to get on a rant there but cheap customers piss me off..

16. unregistered

1.99. Wow. Waaa. Having to skip the whole holding 1 down and listening to your voicemail makes it lazy. Yeah other companies are not charging for it and I'm sure VZW will eventually follow but it is at least an option now. They didn't say you HAD to have if you really can't stant forking out less than half a gallon gas for the feature. (I've no relation to comment#12 btw) Verizon is pricy because it is number one, hands down. That is from an unbiased former sprint tmobile and att customer. When you buy a Lexus or BMW is it the cheapest? Nay. Is it the best? Indeed.

23. unregistered

thank you, you are right. people need to try all the companies before they bash the best! but what can you do? people are stupid as hell

29. unregistered

Everybody is complaining that Alltel is getting bought out by Verizon. They're like, I'm mad because Verizon is too expensive and Alltel was nice and cheap...well I say, you get what you pay for...Alltel was cheap therefore they're getting aquired because they don't have money, they have debts, and aren't gaining alot of customers. Verizon Wireless is the "Lexus/BMW" carrier! And its not just carriers, anything you buy the price tag usually has to do with quality (unless its Nextel haha). I had Alltel before, and I can tell you from experience that sometimes spending a little extra money is worth it, I switched back to Verizon Wireless because I wanted a network that works! And if spending just a little more for phone service is going to break your wallet, then maybe you don't need phone service anyway, go look for a better job.

19. unregistered

at least they are offering something new

22. unregistered

I am a VZW customer...but I don't understand why everyone gets so defensive when a bad remark is made against VZW. Lets say I work at PizaaHut (hypothetical), tell me PizzaHut's pizza sucks all you want. I don't care, its not like it is a personal attack.

58. unregistered

VZW's customers taking pride in their company is a testament to it's reliabiliy. When you are trruely blown away, you talk about it. ALL sprint customers say sprint sucks. Sucks so bad they are blown away. ALL VZW customers say VZW rocks. Rocks so hard they are blown away. Meanwhile AT&T and T-mobile customers stand on the sidelines with their mouths shut. They are content. Happy maybe. But not blown away.

62. unregistered

Is that what you think that AT&T and T Mobile customers are on the sidelines with their mouths shut? Maybe they are too busy buying new phones rather than sitting there bashing every other company just to make them feel better about how bad they got railroaded by big R. ITs ok its only 2 years before you can switch////

24. unregistered

does anyone realize that the other 2 only offer vvm on one phone and vz is offering it one 4 when it launches

59. unregistered

4+more on the way

27. unregistered

the reason people get 'defensive' about bashing is because you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Quit crying about a network being expensive. If you look at the friggin price comparison with other companies, Verizon offers competetive pricing for quality in service with your phone and with service as a customer. I've dealt with other carriers such as att&t and sprints customer service, they are in no way, shape or form equal to the great customer service Verizon offers! Bottome Line: Verizon is the best carrier in the US in reception and customer service. Anyone else who disagrees is talking out of their ass.

28. unregistered

I really don't recall Verizon winning any AWARDS for their customer service. You may want to think before you speak.

31. unregistered

actually you should look at jd and see all the awards vzw has won. oh also how about consumer reports.

38. unregistered

Nope, still don't see them. Show me where your information is coming from.

43. unregistered

its called fortune 500, way better than any award

44. unregistered

damn, he straight gave you the thats funny

30. unregistered

Some people complain about Verizon taking your money...well don't sign up for features you don't want to pay for! I could have very cheap service with VZW if I wanted, a basic minute plan would help, but then my phone sevice would be boring. I like VZ Navigator, VCAST, unlimited data/messaging...etc. I pay for it and thats ok. A great network is worth paying for. But if Verizon didn't come out with these new features then people would complain that Verizon is a "dried up network" with nothing new. VZW customer should be glad they're always coming out with new stuff :) I don't think you're going to go to Wal-Mart and say, well I got some CD's, an X-box, some games, therefor I should get some free DVD's. Its a business so if you EVER get anything free or unlimited, be happy about that. Look at T-mobile, they only have unlimited calling to MyFaves only! I won't go to a carrier without unlimited mobile to mobile!

48. unregistered

answer to #30 actually, Tmobile has unlimited mobile to mobile, and you can have it with my faves as costs extra, but they do offer it, cuz i have it...

52. T-Money3000 unregistered

But T-Mobile's coverage is the worst. You know it, I know it.... we all do... Might as well join Metro PCS.

33. unregistered

I think the bottom line is it's a luxury not a neccessity as you already have standard VM. Does it seem so odd to pay a small fee for a luxury???

35. unregistered

Not odd, just gets expensive for all of the "little" perks

37. unregistered

I agree but people need to expect that. I'm sure one day VVM will be standard with all companies, but right now it's a luxury. Just like WAY back in the day you used to get charged for standard VM and now it's free. Competition always drives prices down, and I'm sure it won't be too long before they offer it free. Just like how people freak about how much the iPhone was at release then drops $200 months later. Supply and demand people. Got off on a rant here, but seriously, people need to step back and breath....

36. THUFF unregistered


40. unregistered

ummm this is for any one who thinks that VVM (Visual Voicemail) is a bad idea..... lets say you were in class and your buddies hit you up and you obviously can't pick up, well they will know to leave you a message casue they will know you'll get it as a text...SIMPLE as that its not about being lazy its about CONSTANTLY communicating with others.... ...the list could go on, fathers or mothers in meetings getting VVM from their kids that they can actually see right away.... crap if they are anything like my parents when i was young they would of RAN out of the meeting just cause they thought i was in trouble again haha haha.... this is definitly a NEW FEATURE just like bluetooth was a couple years ago, or even the MP3 player, quit your female dog ways and pay up if you want the service, otherwise SHUT UP and stop adding your negative comments to a blog, instead of wasting your time typing go sit on your thumb

42. unregistered

Why bitch and moan about a fricking phone carrier like verizon. They are easy to deal with and they make everything simple and the customer service rep are helpful. I am a former AT&T customer and I like ATT before Cingular now their reps are just plain rude and uninformed. Besides paying a lot for verizon's services Verizon has a good network and ATT has gotten better but is not up to Verizon's standard. Every carrier has its flaws. The prices at AT&T are neck and neck with Verizon's so whats the problem? The Video VM is pretty cool and if you want it pay 1.99 the point is that you dont have to get it now. Get it when its free as in wait until its free to get it dont bitch about it.

45. unregistered

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